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Hohhot Weather in October

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The weather in October in Hohhot gets much colder and even chilly. The lowest temperature drops to nearly 1 °C (33.8 °F). It is rather cold outside, the wind blows, and it drizzles now and then. It may even be freezing at night as the temperature can drop below zero.

Wear an overcoat and jeans when outdoors to avoid catching a cold when you go out for a long time, especially at night.

This month is a busy travel month, as National Day arrives. The National Day holiday often lasts seven days starting from October 1. Many tourists may plan to travel to Hohhot to celebrate this golden week, so hotel rooms and flight tickets become difficult to book, and the city is overcrowded. Consult our website and let us help you design your own tour of Hohhot.

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