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 Hong Kong Sky 100

Hong Kong Sky 100

Written by GavinUpdated Feb. 8, 2021

Hong Kong Sky 100 allows everyone to enjoy a panoramic view of Hong Kong. Hong Kong Sky 100 is located on the 100th floor of the Hong Kong International Commerce Center in Kowloon. This 393-meter high observation deck opened in April, 2011.

Hong Kong Sky 100 Features

First Upper Ground Floor

The first upper ground floor of the International Commerce Center contains the tourist information center. Visitors can also get access to the wide screen display that features breathtaking panoramic views.

Upper Ground Floor

The upper ground floor of the International Commerce Center is the ticket center. There is a CCTV screen that feeds live views from the Sky 100 observation deck. Visitors can get access through Metal Zone located on the second floor of the Elements Mall near Kowloon Station.

Second Floor

Hong Kong Sky 100 Sky 100

The second floor of the International Commerce Center is accessible through the Ticket Center escalators. This is where the Sky 100 entrance is located. Visitors can also enjoy the 3-D multimedia exhibits, the memory lane time tunnel, the memory lane 3-D theater and cafes. This part of the building also has elevators that go to the 100th floor.


The high-speed elevators can take visitors to the 100th floor in as fast as 60 seconds. Many tourists take the blood-pumping ride all the way to the observation deck. It features futuristic lights and an LCD monitor that shows off the clouds.

The 100th Floor Observation Deck

Visitors will be amazed by the miniature model of Hong Kong as soon as they get off the elevator. The replica is very exact and looks almost real. Stepping onto the deck seems to take everyone to the top of the world.

Breathtaking Views

Sky 100 has innovative high-end telescopes that allow visitors to view the entire Kowloon Peninsula. Sky 100 telescopes are very different from those found in other observation decks. They are truly sophisticated and provide the clearest views of the city.

Visitors may also get to see Tai Mo Shan in the background if the weather allows. They may also see the airport and Tsing Ma Bridge. The phenomenal views of the Hong Kong island skyline can only be seen at the observation deck.

101st Floor

The 101st floor is a great stop after the viewing. Visitors from the 100th floor get easy access to fine dining restaurants and gourmet shops. There are popular Japanese and Chinese restaurants that serve delicious meals for tourists who crave Asian food.

Opening Hours

Hong Kong Sky 100 is open daily from ten in the morning until ten in the evening. Tickets are available until nine in the evening. The ticketing center also provides a nice view.

The observation deck closes in the event of tropical cyclone or black rainstorm warnings. Ticketing can also be done online with family packages available.


The breathtaking view comes with a number of services that can make visitors’ experience more comfortable and convenient. There is a stroller loan and inductive loops. Visitors can also get the chance to upload pictures to their favorite networking sites right away with free wi-fi access.

There is also a light refreshment café on the observation deck called the Skycafe. Drinks and meals can be expensive, but it is surely worth it after the photo shoot.

The SkyPost

The souvenir shop has a postbox that allows visitors to send postcards and letters while they are still at the observation deck. At present, it is the highest postbox in Hong Kong. SkyPost is also located on the 100th floor.

Information Resources

There are many sophisticated technologies that visitors can use in order to gather information about Hong Kong and its attractions. These resources are offered on LCD touch-screen displays.

Multimedia guides are also available for rent from the customer service center. This facility comes with different languages including English, Cantonese, Korean and Mandarin Chinese. The guide will help tourists understand the remarkable sightseeing spots in Hong Kong through short videos.

Getting There

There are different ways that visitors can get to the International Commerce Center to enjoy the Sky 100 observation deck.

From the Airport

The Airport Express MTR can take tourists to the ICC. They just have to get off at Kowloon Station.

From Different Areas of Hong Kong

The MTR can take visitors to Austin Station. From there, they can go directly to the Elements Shopping Mall. The mall has signs directing visitors to the observation deck.

Another method is to take the Tsim Sha Tsui Ferry Pier or bus number 8 to Kowloon Bus Terminus MTR. The bus can take a long time. This is why many travelers recommend taking the MTR instead.

Visitors should make sure that they go the right way. Otherwise they may end up in the office tower. The entrance going to the observatory deck is on the second floor of Metal Zone.

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