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Lantau Olympic Trail

Lantau Olympic TrailLantau Olympic Trail

A favorite walk for local hiking groups is the Olympic Trail that runs from Tung Chung to Mui Wo across Lantau Island. What is offbeat about Hong Kong is all the natural land where you can do interesting and energizing activities and see unexpected things.

The Olympic Trail is a paved walk that runs over hills and in valleys. It connects with the Lantau Trail that goes east and west across the island at Mui Wo. These paths provide for good hiking experiences and put you close to other enjoyable places on Lantau.

  • 6.5 kilometers (2 or 3 hours total)
  • Between Mui Wo and Tai Wo Han
  • An "Islands Nature Heritage Trail"

See the sea, mountains, animals, Chinese tombs and bikers. There are bathrooms where you can get water at both ends and covered shelters. You can find posted park maps and paths leading all over the island. The scenery and nature is good, and it isn't crowded.

Compared to going to the Sai Kung area, tourists will find the transportation faster and more convenient especially from the airport. The route is shorter than the more remote Sai Kung area trails, and it puts you around other interesting attractions such as Disneyland, Lantau Peak, and CityGate Outlets for shopping.

Travel Essentials

  • Transport: If you start from Tung Chung, finding the start of the path at the small village of Tai Ho Wan is difficult. Catch a bus from near the Tung Chung MTR station and CityGate Outlets, go to Tai Ho Wan, and ask people you see where the path starts. Finding the trail at Mui Wo is easier because there are posted English maps.
  • Meals: You can have meals both at Citygate Outlets and Mui Wo next to the ferry pier.

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