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Noah's Ark Amusement Park

Written by GavinUpdated Sep. 25, 2023


  • Third amusement park in Hong Kong
  • 450 feet (137 meters) long and 5 stories high brown ark structure
  • Hotel and conference facilities
  • Sports facilities and a rope course
  • Good clean beach and a hill for sightseeing
  • Museum exhibits about the Ark, nature, and life
  • Part of the Ma Wan Island resort complex
  • Sheltered under Tsing Ma Bridge

The newest theme park in Hong Kong opened in 2009. It is also an educational and conference facility. The park is sheltered under the Tsing Ma Bridge on Ma Wan Island and is right next to beautiful Tung Wan Beach. The new park is still expanding, but Ma Wan Island and the ark museum, sports and conference facilities, restaurants, the bridge, and the natural garden areas would make for a fun visit.

The theme park is part of the Ma Wan Park complex. It melds into the adjacent Park Island Apartments that was built by the same company. Noah's Ark joins Ocean Park on Hong Kong Island and Disneyland on Lantau Island as Hong Kong's major amusement attractions.

Overall, the park's facilities and surroundings are meant mainly for kids and families. For adults, some of the exhibits, the buffet restaurant, the view from the hill, and Tung Wan Beach are interesting.

You can enjoy the relative quiet. Cars are not allowed on Ma Wan Island. The island is clean and uncrowded. It is a change of pace from crowded and bustling city areas.

But the main attraction is the ark nestled under Tsing Ma Bridge. It is 450 feet long and 5 stories high. Its sides look like big brown planks of wood. It isn't as big as a modern big ship, but it looms over the adjacent white sand beach in a striking way. All together, the island, the various facilities, and the restaurants would make for a great day trip for kids and families.

Noah's Ark Museum Tour

The main attraction of the theme park is the Ark. It is a big structure that contains museum exhibits, amusement areas, shops, a big restaurant, conference rooms, theater facilities, meeting rooms, a hotel and dormitories.

Touring the Ark

When you enter the park through the main entrance, you'll see the brown ark ahead. Most of the park is under the bridge. The park is a little confusing, and the signs aren't clear. There are a number of doors along the outside of the ark for various facilities. There isn't a clear travel route, but here's a suggested route.

The best way to go at first is to go left around the ark on the sidewalk. You'll see realistic life-size animal statues along the path. The statues are interesting because people can get a idea of how large the animals actually are. This would be an education for kids.

Then the path leads to the door of Noah's Ark Expo A. (There isn't an Expo B.) There, you can get a photograph in front of the open door with animals coming out.

Museum Exhibits

Once entering the ark, you'll see two amazing playful live birds called toucans. There are some other live small animals and videos on wide screens about the Biblical Noah's Ark. One video explains how the ark's dimensions are the best for such a large structure. This is interesting because people thousands of years ago didn't make such large ships.

You can watch multimedia shows and a 3D video presentation. You might enjoy handling a large iron meteorite.

Information is presented about NAMI's reported discovery of the ark. There are photographs, newspaper clippings, and information about the their discovery of the Ark in 2008.

The information presented is suitable for kids to understand, but there isn't sufficient scientific evidence for adults to evaluate. They say that they are waiting for the Turkish government to make it a protected archaeological site before they reveal the location of the site.

Kids Areas

  • The Ark Life Education House (first floor) is a place for kids to learn about life goals and society. There are interactive multimedia equipment and games.
  • Treasure House (second floor) is meant for young children and young teenagers.


There are three shops in the Ark that are operated by different Christian organisations. You can buy souvenirs, gifts or things to take home.

  • Rainbow Gallery is run by St James' Settlement. They sell gifts produced by disabled and disadvantaged people.
  • Kid's Deck is sponsored by Angela Luk's Educational Foundation. They sell educational toys.
  • Marvels is sponsored by Media Evangelism Ltd. They sell souvenirs and gifts.

Sports and Conference Facilities

The upper floors have a small hotel, dormitory rooms, conference facilities, and meeting rooms. The hotel is partly sponsored by Hong Kong YMCA that built some of Hong Kong's favorite tourist and traveller's hotels.

The hotel can host small and medium-sized international conferences and meetings. It is close to Hong Kong International Airport on nearby Lantau Island.?Lantau Island has great natural recreation and hiking, Disneyland, and tourist spots.

Sports Facilities

There is a basketball and sports court directly under the Tsing Ma Bridge. The bridge shields it from rain. High Adventure Journey is a rope course that is about two or three stories high for exercise and adventure. The sports stadium seats 2,000. Use of these facilities is by registration.

Seafood Buffet Restaurant

Noah's Ark has a big buffet style sea-food restaurant overlooking the sea called Harvest Restaurant. The restaurant is big enough to handle a small conference.

A buffet dinner meal there costs about 350 HKD (45 USD) total on average for adults or 200 HKD total for kids. This isn't actually very expensive by Hong Kong standards. Opens 6:15 to 9:30. Prices vary a little depending on the day.

Ma Wan Park

To the northeast, there is a hilly garden and park area. It is part of the whole complex. Read about it on our Ma Wan Island page.


Generally, the best way to go is by bus from the Tsing Yi MTR station or by ferry.

  • Bus from Tsing Yi Airport Railway Station leaves every 8 minutes or so. The bus stop is conveniently located right in front of Exit C. It is about ten meters in front of the door. The fare is 9.50 HKD (1.20 USD). The trip takes about 10 minutes.
  • What is cool about the bus trip is that you can see the view of the channel and the mountains from Tsing Ma Bridge. Get off at the first stop and get into the escalator building. It is air conditioned and is like a 5-star hotel lobby.
  • Ferry from Tsuen Wan costs 10 HKD (5 for kids under 12). Ferry from Central Pier 2 costs 22 HKD (11 HKD for kids under 12). The ferry pier is near the IFC Mall on Victoria Harbor.
  • The airport shuttle takes about 12 minutes to go to the park. The inbound flights let passengers off at Terminal 1. Go over to Terminal 2 next door. When you walk in, turn right and the bus stop is at Bus Bay 19-24. The fare is 24 HKD (3.12 USD).
  • Address in English and Chinese for a driver: 33 Pak Yan Road, Ma Wan Island, Hong Kong. 馬灣公園挪亞方舟, 馬灣島.

Hours and Prices

  • Ticket price for adults is about 130 HKD (17 USD). You can buy tickets online.
  • Hours: Monday, Friday, Saturday: 1 pm - 6 pm (ticket entrance closes at 5). In the mornings, registered groups might use the park facilities. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, and public holidays: 8 am - 6 pm.

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