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By GavinUpdated Mar. 18, 2021

You might really like the big Science Museum (香港科學館). This is especially true if you like science, are a kid, or like physical fitness and health science.

Most of the museum is really meant to appeal to kids and teach them science. It gives them a place to have fun with interactive exhibits, computers, and videos. Kids like running around and playing with the equipment in the various galleries.

However, adults can learn some science too. You can learn about a broad range of subjects, from physics to nutrition, and much in between.

There are 500 exhibits arranged in 18 galleries covering topics including energy, transportation, sound, motion, electricity and magnetism, mathematics, life science, geography, meteorology, computers, communication, and nutrition science.

Fun and Memorable Highlights

Energy Machine

The biggest highlight of the museum is a large four-story falling ball contraption where big bowling ball-like balls fall from the top and roll downwards, sounding chimes and drums, setting off a xylophone, powering lights, and doing other things to show that potential energy changes to other forms of energy.

It is interesting and is viewable from every floor since it occupies the central core area of the museum. It also sometimes makes a racket, and it gives the museum a constant background noise.

Other Highlights

A DC-3 plane hangs from the ceiling of the Transportation Gallery. The DC-3 was an innovation in air transport used from the 1930s and still in use today.

The physical fitness test equipment gives people a place to test their stamina and physical fitness. A crowd usually gathers to watch people doing these tests.

The mirror effects room is like a hall of mirrors. See what mirrors can do to the image of your body.

China has joined the space race. See the space program exhibits and technological development.


The museum opened at the present location in 1991.

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