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St. Andrew's Church on Nathan Road, Hong Kong

By GavinUpdated Mar. 18, 2021

A surprising sight to see on its little hillock is the cathedral of St. Andrew's Church (聖安德烈堂). It is a red brick structure with intricate white arches for the doorways and windows. 

It is surprising because it is in marked contrast to the congested modern architecture along Nathan Road, and you won't see it unless you know it is there. It is a refreshing place, so stop in and take a look.

The Cathedral

The main cathedral is quite big. It is composed of pleasant colored red bricks. It was built in the traditional cruciform shape, and it has a bell tower. In the inside, the soft red roof gives the place a mellow feel. You can sit and read on the wooden benches and relax in the quiet dark coolness.

It is hidden away behind a wall, and the property is on a small hillock, so you can pass right by it and not know it is there when you are walking down Nathan Road. But if you step inside, you'll be surprised by the unusual beauty of the stained glass windows and colorful interior.

It is generally open to the public during the day, and you can get away from the road noise and the crowds on Nathan Road and Kowloon Park across the street. There is a garden, and you can sit and rest inside in the pleasant cool interior.


Nathan Road (彌敦道) was the first road built in Kowloon. The British government built the road when they took over Kowloon in 1860. St. Andrew's Church was the first major non-military building built in the vicinity. Construction started in 1904, and it was inaugurated in 1906 after a furious typhoon swept through.

Other Church Buildings

To the right is a multistory function building that is used for classes and is also used by other organizations. To the left, there is there is a large house that was formerly the pastorage. Now it is used for meetings and special events. It is well decorated, and the interior has a solid and comfortable feel.

Essential Information

St. Andrew's has long been known as a very active church involved in education, social service outreach, evangelical outreach, refugee care, and community events.


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