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Tung Wan Beach

Tung Wan Beach is a long beautiful white sand swimming beach on Ma Wan Island. It is a clean and scenic spot, but it isn't as crowded as most swimming beaches. It is managed by the Hong Kong Park District, and there is a shark net.

  • Beautiful clean sandy white public swimming beach
  • Managed by the Hong Kong Park District
  • Great views
  • Good beach restaurants
  • Relatively uncrowded
  • Part of Ma Wan Park
  • Next to Noah's Ark and Tsing Ma Bridge

Because it isn't crowded and there are great beach restaurants, interesting views, and the nearby Noah's Ark Theme Park, it might be a great place to go for a fun day.

Tung Wan Beach 馬灣東灣泳灘 has two sections separated by the Park Island ferry pier. The part on the Noah's Ark side is the more popular stretch and is about 400 meters long. The northern part is about 100 meters long. Mostly residents of Park Island Apartments go there.

The main beach is right next to a wedding garment outfit studio, so there are often people getting pictures in wedding clothes against the background of the big bridge framed channel. You can see some epic scenery and clean white sand.

Great Views

Tung Wan Beach has great views of the world-record-sized Tsing Ma Bridge and another bridge called Kap Shui Mun Bridge. The two bridges and the white sand beach frame the channel in a picturesque sort of way. The big brown ark looms in under the bridge on the right edge of the beach. This is why it is popular for wedding photos.

Tsing Ma Bridge is 1,377 meters (4,518 feet) long. The Ting Kau Bridge meets it at a right angles, a 1,177-metre long cable-stayed bridge, completed in 1998.


Harvest House Seafood Buffet Restaurant

One of the big draws for a fun swimming beach is food for the kids and the whole family. Noah's Ark has a big buffet restaurant that is freely accessed via a special side door from the beach without paying ticket prices. It overlooks the water.

A buffet dinner meal there costs about 350 HKD (45 USD) total on average for adults or 200 HKD total for kids. This isn't actually very expensive by Hong Kong standards. Opens 6:15 to 9:30. Prices vary a little depending on the day. They also have a lunch menu.

Beach Restaurants

The beachfront restaurants in a restaurant complex are cheaper. Lunch prices for a main course in these restaurants start at about 50 HKD or 6.50 USD.

Ma Wan Island is mainly a residential area, and you'll find a lot of expats and business people eating at the restaurants. Putting many competing restaurants together serving a long-term clientele in the same place probably keeps their service up and prices down.

Among the fourteen or so restaurants are Pattaya Island for Thai food, Chi Dori Tei for Japanese food, and Opheus for steaks and western food.


See the Noah's Ark transportation information. The ark sits on Tung Wan Beach.

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