The Best 20 Hong Kong Restaurants - Something for Everyone
Hong Kong

The Best 20 Hong Kong Restaurants - Something for Everyone

By GavinUpdated Mar. 18, 2021
dim sumHong Kong has excellent restaurants that serve everything from tasty local dim sum to high-quality Western food.

Hong Kong has among the world's finest dining for various styles of food and a range of budgets from low to high for Chinese, American, Japanese, and other styles of food of the highest quality and most authenticity in 2021.

Discover the best restaurants for travellers in Hong Kong: our 20 recommendations for local and international cuisine, ratings, prices, locations and how dining is done in 2021.

Hong Kong Restaurant Highlights

Hong Kong is the gastronomical capital of the Asian mainland with about 63 Michelin starred restaurants in 2021. So expect high quality and service. Hong Kong restaurants receive far more Michelin stars than any other Asian city except for those in Japan, and they have more Michelin-starred restaurants per capita than any city in Asia.

Here are our suggestions for the 20 best restaurants for tourists ranging from high-priced gourmet to low-priced popular restaurants. For easier browsing, our information below is split into these five categories:

Hong Kong Cantonese Restaurants

1. Super Luxurious Lung King Heen Cantonese Restaurant

Perhaps the best Cantonese restaurant in the world...

The Lung King HeenThe Lung King Heen's ethereal dining area during dinner is ideal for watching the light show outside from the windows.

If you can afford the best Cantonese cuisine and service, then this one in the Four Seasons Hotel might be the best in the world and has excellent scenery too. It is one of only two Cantonese restaurants in the city that are rated 3 stars. The Michelin Guide is published annually, and the 2020 guide only rates seven restaurants as 3-stars in Hong Kong.

The service, food and dining atmosphere is among the best in the world. You might reserve a Victoria Harbor view that affords a seat at 8 pm for the Symphony of Lights. Seafood and dim sum are the house specialties. So it is worth a special journey.

2. Ming Court Cantonese Restaurant

Ming Court was selected as a Michelin 2-star restaurant for 2010, retained it in 2016, but in 2018 and 2019, it is rated 1 star. It is a luxury Chinese restaurant featuring Cantonese cuisine in the 5-star Cordis Hotel. The exquisite traditional Chinese decoration provides relaxing atmosphere. It has had a long and successful career.

3. Lei Garden for Cantonese Dim Sum

The Lei Garden in the IFC MallThe Lei Garden in the IFC Mall features fine dim sum.

Lei Garden restaurant mainly serves Cantonese style dishes and several branches have received 1 star for years. In 2020, a total of 2 branches received 1 star ratings. The one in the IFC didn't make it on the list this year, but it is recommended for tourists for the ritzy central location. The dishes are so exquisite that they look like artworks. There is crackling chicken (脆皮鸡), roast goose (烧鹅), and seafood. Dim sum is what makes them famous.

See How to Have Dim Sum and Yum Cha in Hong Kong.

4. Tim Ho Wan, The Dim Sum Specialist

Tim Ho Wan is internationally distinguished as one of the cheapest 1 star restaurants in the world. It was selected as a Michelin 1-star restaurant for 2010, and various branches have received stars, but in 2020, only the Sham Shui Po branch received a star. It is ideal for most tourists and backpackers who want to taste excellent Cantonese food, but pay less. A good meal costs 10 USD. 

Of the various branches, we suggest the one in the Hong Kong MTR Station (part of the IFC complex) since it is the most convenient for tourists.

Both Tim Ho Wan and Lei Garden are both in our recommended Hong Kong's Top 10 Tastiest Dim Sum Restaurants.

Other Chinese Cuisine Styles in Hong Kong

5. Bo Innovation for Creative Chinese Molecular Gastronomy

Bo Innovation is surprising because the food isn't traditional Chinese, but it is rated 3-Michelin stars in 2019. Visitors might find their selections astonishing or be mystified. Some diners give low marks perhaps because their meal didn't fit their expectations about what Chinese food should be like. But experts rate the "X-treme cuisine" highly for the creativity, surprises, and fun as well as for the delicious, sometimes novel, flavors.

6. Hu Tong for Beijing Style

Hu Tong mainly stands out for its 28th floor harbor view. The harbor view and decor is what people appreciate, but the food isn't rated so highly. Hu Tong was selected as a Michelin 1-star restaurant for 2010, but for 2020, it isn't starred. It was selected for tourists mainly for the great views and a change of pace from Cantonese. The restaurant features traditional "ma la" Northern Chinese cuisine.

7. Din Tai Fung for Taiwanese Style

Din Tai Fung RestaurantDin Tai Fung Restaurant

The Din Tai Fung chain once had a Michelin starred restaurant locally, but they lost the star as of 2020. But it still is a good place for tourists to try Taiwanese style cuisine. It is different than mainland style. It also serves Shanghai style dishes.

Dim sum and all kinds of steamed stuffed buns are two highlights. The signature dish is steamed meat dumplings "xiaolongbao" (小笼包). It is in a major tourist area near Nathan Road on Canton Road. For the quality, it is inexpensive.

Hong Kong Seafood Restaurants

sea foodHong Kong has seafood galore!

You can expect among the world's finest seafood of several styles such as Japanese, Cantonese, French, or American. These next 5 restaurants are for seafood and are special travel highlights that tourists want to go to.

8. Sushi Shikon for Gourmet Japanese Seafood

This Tokyo style sushi seafood restaurant received three Michelin stars in 2014 and every year since including 2020. Sushi connoisseurs who expect the best flown direct from Japan can get it at this small restaurant, but the price is very high: about 400 to 600 USD for a meal.

For most tourists, a meal will be an education on what the best Japanese style of seafood is like. Expect eating delicious things from the sea you never heard of and maybe the best meal of your life.

9. Jumbo and Tai Pak - Landmark Cantonese Restaurants in Aberdeen Harbor

Aberdeen HarborBoats in Aberdeen Harbor

Jumbo: Hong Kong's best known seafood restaurants are next to each other in Aberdeen harbor and called Jumbo and Tai Pak. These large restaurants in the harbor are recognized around the world as a Hong Kong landmark and are owned by the same company.

Tourist spot: Expect high prices and tourist crowds, but less than high quality food and service. People go mainly for the novelty and scenery. You can take a sampan ride for an additional charge (~70 HKD, ~30 minutes).

10. Loaf On for Low Priced Cantonese Gourmet Seafood

Loaf On has been a Michelin starred restaurant for years and received one for 2019 too. It is special for tourists because not only is the seafood unusually good and fresh, but the prices are very low for a starred restaurant. You can enjoy a meal for the equivalent of what you'd pay in the city for even a low priced common restaurant dinner.

The quality of the food is very good, but the restaurant’s décor isn’t ritzy. It’s simple, and the food is fresh. Many selections are swimming in tanks. It is in Sai Kung near some favorite beaches and natural country parks.

11. Harvest Restaurant Seafood Buffet in Noah's Ark Theme Park

Excellent food in an interesting scenic environment good for families

Harvest Restaurant stands out as interesting. The sea scenery is excellent, and it has a public beachfront all to itself at the region's newest theme park called Noah's Ark. It is a special treat for children and tourists. You’ll find an excellent selection of good quality food, excellent buffet, good views, a pleasant environment on Tung Wan beach (a public beach), and a relatively low dinner price.

Read more about the Top 6 Children Friendly Restaurants in Hong Kong.

12. Bubba Gump American Seafood Restaurant in the High Peak Tower

This isn't at all a Michelin star restaurant, and it doesn't aim to be. It is like an American bayou country restaurant. with one of Hong Kong's best views from the top of Victoria Peak It is a theme restaurant based on Forrest Gump. Shrimp take the “leading role” there. Other non-seafood American food is served too such as steak, salad, bread, and red wine.

It overlooks Victoria Harbor with the colorful nighttime skyline.

Read more about the Top 5 American Restaurants in Hong Kong.

For further info about these seafood restaurants as well as about several other notable options, see Best Hong Kong Seafood Restaurants.

International Restaurants in Hong Kong

13. Caprice French Restaurant

The open kitchen in CapriceThe open kitchen in Caprice

Caprice was rated 3 star by Michelin for several years, dropped to 2 stars, and in 2019, it is back to 3 stars. It stands out for an excellent window-side view, elegant setting, and the best quality food. There is a large selection of cheese and wine. Tourists appreciate the charming scenery of Victoria Harbor from the Four Seasons next to the IFC Mall.

14. For among the Best American Hamburgers in Hong Kong: The Butchers Club Burger

A Michelin listed hamburger restaurant in Hong Kong in 2019

The new Butchers Burger branch in the K11 MallThe Butchers Burger branch in the K11 Mall near Chung King

Forget McDonald's and Burger King. If you want among the best, most authentic and delicious American-style hamburgers available in Hong Kong, and at a low price, this is it. They received a Michelin street food listing in 2016 and again in 2018 and 2019.

The Michelin listing isn't a Michelin star or a Bib Gourmand award. The publication added a special category for "street food" for Hong Kong in 2015 to recognize the high quality of comparatively inexpensive food. The branches have more of a take-out or street food feel.

The hamburger might be one of the quintessential American foods. Their Tsim Sha Tsui and Central branches are conveniently located for tourists.

15. Jashan Celebrating Indian Cuisine

If you like Indian food, then this is higher class Indian cuisine. You'll pay more than at Chung King Mansions, but the environment is definitely better. There are polished wood tables, and there is a romantic atmosphere in the evenings. There is a buffet at lunchtime. Entertainment is available in the evening. The food is certified Halal.

16. Islam Food for Qing Zhen Xinjiang Style

This Xinjiang-style restaurant has a good reputation among both foreigners and Chinese considering that the prices are economical and they serve take-out. This Uyghur food isn't gourmet, but it is ok for a regular lunch or dinner. Xinjiang is a province in northeast China, and their delicious food is distinctively different from both Chinese and central Asian food. A low-cost specialty at this restaurant is Beef Bread Bun (牛肉餅) for about 22 HKD or 3 USD.

17. IKEA for Swedish and Organic Food at Low Prices


Hong Kong has a Swedish department store in Shatin, and IKEA's Swedish restaurant has earned a reputation for quick service, good value, healthy food, and family friendliness. The diner is popular with local kids. It is good for tourists in the Shatin area and for health conscious/budget conscious people.

See also: The Best 10 Western Restaurants in Hong Kong.

For more multicultural places to eat see Top Places to Experience Multicultural Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Panoramic High Altitude Views

18. Sky High Tin Lung Heen Cantonese

The Ritz-Carlton Hong KongTin Lung Heen and Tenku Ryu Gin have fine views on the 101st and 102nd floors of the ICC Tower

Two things makes this restaurant stand out for tourists: its location on the 102 floor of the ICC Tower, just above the Sky100 observation deck, and 2 Michelin stars in 2019. It is rapidly moving up the ranks of gourmet Cantonese restaurants but hasn't yet reached the level of Lung King Heen across the harbor in gourmet appreciation. Its view is spectacular and much better than its rival.

19. Sky High Tenku Ryu Gin Japanese

This 2019 2 Michelin star Japanese restaurant ranks high with tourists for the view and quality. It is expensive, but considering that the ticket for the Sky100 observation deck is about 150 or 200 HKD depending on the day, you may find that the excellent dining experience is a deal for tourists. It is about the best Japanese food available locally, and seafood is a specialty.

20. The Peak Lookout on Victoria Peak

It is the view through the wide windows and the outside terrace that customers most appreciate. The setting is appreciated as well. It is in an old Colonial building nestled in a green garden. While appreciating the beauty of Victoria Harbor and skyline, you can enjoy a wide selection of Asian, Western and international dishes.

Victoria Peak is the best sightseeing area for tourists, and the restaurant is near Harlech Road that will take walkers to Lugard Road and completing on an excellent hour-long 360° after meal stroll for both stimulating sightseeing and satisfying digestion.

For tourists, Victoria Peak, where the Peak Lookout and Bubba Gump are, is one of the Best Photography Places in Hong Kong.

How Dining is Done in Hong Kong

Go at the right time and reserve seats.

The long and narrow dining room with harbor view in the CapriceThe long and narrow dining room with harbor view in the Caprice

In Hong Kong, breakfast time is from 6:30am to 10:30am, lunchtime is from 12:30pm to 2pm, and dinnertime is from 7pm to 9pm. Make a reservation if you plan to dine in popular restaurants, otherwise be prepared to queue.

The Environment

In smaller restaurants, sharing a table is a common practice, so if your party is small and a bigger group shows up, you may be asked to share your space or move to another table.

Many traditional restaurants tend to be noisy and crowded affairs - the patrons are usually interested in eating quick and chatting lots. However, smoking is prohibited in all indoor public places, including restaurants and bars.


In some restaurants, it is common for waiters to automatically bring tea, condiments, and non-ordered snacks that will be charged to your bill. Please check with the waiter about such additional charges before being seated.

You don’t need to worry about ordering as many restaurants have English menus and the waiters can speak English.


A 10% service charge will be added to your bill in most restaurants.

Credit cards are acceptable in most restaurants. Please double-check the bill before signing it, and take your receipt.


The 10% service charge is regarded as the normal tip for the waiter or waitress, so you are not expected to tip extra. But if you think the waiter or waitress has provided unusually good service or want to give them a gift, you are free to do so. You might be surprised that they decline it.

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Our tours are developed through years of experience and customer feedback, and they can be customized to your requirements.

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