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 The 8 Best Chinese and Western Brunch Places in Hong Kong

The 8 Best Chinese and Western Brunch Places in Hong Kong

Written by GavinUpdated Nov. 16, 2023
The BLT Steak lunch buffet barThe BLT Steak lunch buffet bar

Brunch in Hong Kong:
A middle of the day meal, 
combining lunch and breakfast foods, 
eaten any time from late morning to the middle of the afternoon.

For brunch between 10 and 3, you can go to these restaurants in convenient places for tourists. We think you'll like these the best for convenient location close to the main attractions, views, friendliness, scenery, memorable experiences, and value for money.

Here is our list of four Chinese and four Western recommended restaurants for a range of budgets. Most of these restaurants get top ratings on Michelin and TripAdvisor for taste, quality, and service. The food is quite authentic as well because these restaurants have chefs from the respective countries or owners who aim for authenticity.

For Cantonese Dim Sum or Late Cantonese Breakfast

Cantonese dim sum is the traditional brunch food in the region.

Brunch is a Cantonese tradition in Hong Kong extending back for many generations. These meals are for leisurely enjoyment and social gatherings.

Chinese: Dim sum (点心 diǎnxīn /dyen-sshin/ 'touch the heart') is a traditional meal during which diners select a variety of small prepared dishes to be eaten during yum cha (饮茶 yǐnchá /yin-chaa/), or 'drinking tea' time.

The meal includes stuffed buns, dumplings, and other savory or sweet food items that have been steamed, deep-fried, or baked. Tea or other beverages are also served. See How to Have Dim Sum and Yum Cha in Hong Kong.

Luxury: Super Luxurious Lung King Heen Cantonese Restaurant

The Lung King Heen Dining Room The Lung King Heen dining room and Victoria Harbour view

Perhaps the best Cantonese dim sum restaurant in Hong Kong or the world...

If you can afford the best Cantonese cuisine and service, then this brunch in the Four Seasons Hotel might be the best in the world and has excellent scenery too. Only two Cantonese restaurants in the city are rated 3 stars. The Michelin Guide is published annually, and the 2016 guide only rates six restaurants as 3-stars in Hong Kong.

Dim sum lunch: At lunch between noon and 2:30 is when they feature their dim sum. Dim sum isn't served after lunch.

Their dim sum is top rated. The Michelin Guide says that Chef Chan Yan Tak's dim sum is "gaining legendary status - every dish is delicately crafted and enticingly presented, and the quality of the ingredients is of the highest order. The delightful serving team describe dishes with care and obvious pride."

  • Rated 16/6,288 on TripAdvisor in 2016
  • Price per person: each dim sum dish averages about 60 HKD. They have an Executive Set special that features the "chef's selection" of dim sum along with soup, side dishes and drink for about 560 HKD.
  • Lunch: about 11:30 am – 3:00 pm Reservations are recommended.
  • Tel: 3196 8888
  • Address: 4/F Four Seasons, 8 Finance Street, Central.
  • Transport: MTR to Central Station or Hong Kong Station. Hong Kong Station is about 26 minutes from the airport.

Medium Price: Lei Garden for Cantonese Dim Sum

The Lei Garden in the IFC MallThe Lei Garden in the IFC Mall features fine dim sum.

Lei Garden restaurant is in the same IFC complex as Lung King Heen. It is in the IFC Mall. It mainly serves Cantonese style dishes and has received 1 star for years. The dishes there are so exquisite that they look like artworks.

High demand: One problem with the restaurant is that this place is so popular during lunch hours that they schedule tightly and give diners a comparatively short time to eat.

  • Rated 362/5,534 on TripAdvisor in 2016
  • Chinese name: 利苑酒家 Liyuan Jiujia /lee-ywen jyo-jyah/
  • Average price per person: HKD 300 to 400 or 40 to 50 USD for dim sum during lunch.
  • Lunch: about 11:30 am – 3:00 pm Reservations are recommended.
  • Address: Unit 3008, Shopping Mall of International Financial Center, 1 Harbor View Street, Central (中环港景街1号国际金融中心商场3008号. There are four other 1 starred branches at Kowloon Bay, Mong Kok, North Point, Sha Tin, and Wan Chai in 2016.
  • Tel: 00852-2295 0238 (Central branch)
  • MTR transport: Hong Kong Station or Central Station. 1 minute walk from Exit B1, Hong Kong MTR Station.

Low Price: Tim Ho Wan, The Dim Sum Specialist

Tim Ho Wan has several branches, and some of them have been selected as Michelin 1-star restaurants since 2010. In 2016, two received a star. These are small and busy dim sum restaurants that are thought of as maybe the cheapest 1 star restaurants in the world.

They are ideal for most tourists and backpackers who want to try excellent Cantonese food, but pay less. A good meal costs 10 USD. Try the Pork Bun.

Less convenient locations for the best: The two Michelin-starred branches are in Sham Shui Po and North Point. Prices are lower, but you'll have to travel further. The one in the Central MTR Station is the most convenient for tourists.

  • Rated 47/6,288 (Central branch) on TripAdvisor in 2016
  • Price per person: HKD 50-100
  • Hours: Monday to Sunday, 10:00-9:30
  • Tel: 2979 5608
  • Address: North Point: Shop B, C, & D, G/F, Seaview Building, 2 Wharf Road, North Point (北角和富道2-8號嘉洋大廈地下B,C及D). Central: Shop 12A, L1/F, Hong Kong MTR Station, Central (中環港鐵香港站L1樓12A號舖 ). There are five locations in all.
  • MTR transport: Exit E2, Hong Kong MTR Station for the Central branch

Lowest Priced: Australia Dairy Company

They serve Western breakfast food from a Cantonese point of view that tastes good...

This strange restaurant is a hit with a lot of tourists and backpackers in Kowloon. It is often thought of as the best low priced restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui, and the fairly simple food often tastes surprisingly good. It is a happy medium between Western and Chinese-style food suited for everyone.

Experts with milk and eggs: What gets highlighted are the milky Hong Kong-style milk teas, steamed milk, puddings, and scrambled eggs. Simple and yummy.

So popular and inexpensive that they are crowded, there is usually a line during lunch. So get there middle or late morning before lunch hours or after their lunch hours and eat quick because others customers are waiting.

Good tourist location in walking distance to Nathan Road and Temple Street.

  • Rated 189/5,557 on TripAdvisor in 2016
  • Chinese name: 澳洲牛奶公司 Aozhou Niunai Gongsi
  • Price per person: HKD 50 and below.
  • Hours: Every day 7:30 am to 11:00 pm except it is closed on Thursday.
  • Tel: 2730 1356
  • Address: G/F, 47-49 Parkes Street, Jordan 佐敦白加士街47-49號地下
  • MTR transport: Exit C2, Jordan MTR Station It is a 2 minute walk.

Four of the Best Western Restaurants for Brunch

Sky High Gourmet and Expense: Tosca for Sunday Brunch

The ICC in Hong Kong The Tosca on the 102nd floor of the ICC Tower is the best Italian choice for tourists and travelers.

It gleams on the 102nd floor of the ICC Tower

This restaurant is quite popular with tourists for the amazing views framed in an Baroque or Romanish setting. It is in one of the world's 10 tallest buildings. The ease of getting there from Central and the airport saves time too, but the price is quite high.

High Victoria Harbor/Victoria Peak View: You can enjoy one of the best views in the whole city. Many tourists pay about 24 dollars to see the view from the Sky100 observation deck, but you could enjoy a meal there instead.

Excellent Sunday brunch: Their gourmet Italian buffet is appreciated. Their service can be pushy towards adding more to your bill, but you get a wide selection of food during their brunch at a set price if you choose the brunch.

  • Rated 7/5,529 on TripAdvisor in 2016. 1 Michelin Star in 2016.
  • Hours: 12pm–2:30pm (for lunch). Sunday brunch: 11:30–3:30. It would be best to make reservations especially if you want a window view.
  • Tel: 2263 2270
  • Address: 102/F, The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, International Commerce Centre, 1 Austin Road West, Tsim Sha Tsui (尖沙咀柯士甸道西1號環球貿易廣場(ICC)香港麗思卡爾頓酒店102樓).
  • MTR Transport Exit C1/ D1, Kowloon MTR Station/ Exit B5/ D1, Austin MTR Station. The Airport Express to Kowloon Station takes people from the airport to the ICC Tower in 22 minutes.

Medium Price: BLT Steak - Excellent Location and Scenic Harbor View

BLT Brunch AdBLT Brunch Ad

This traditional American style restaurant is is known for quality steaks and a lunch buffet at a medium price for Hong Kong. Having Sunday brunch there means that you can enjoy the harbor view and its convenient location next to the Star Ferry and Ocean Terminal at the entrance of Harbour City Mall.

Location: It only about 100 meters from the Star Ferry to its pier facing entrance. The Star Ferry is one of the top five most popular tourist attractions, and it is about 120 meters from the Avenue of Stars that is also one of the top 10 biggest attractions.

  • Rated 316/5,530 on TripAdvisor in 2016
  • Price per person: For the weekend brunch buffet, about 300 HKD. For the weekday lunch buffet selection, 138 HKD.
  • Hours: 11:30 to 11:30 pm. Lunch buffet is from 12 to 3 pm on weekdays. There is weekend brunch buffet from 12 to 4 with a wide variety.
  • Tel: 2730 3508
  • Addresses: OTG62, G/F, Ocean Terminal, Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui 尖沙咀廣東道17號海港城海運大廈地下OTG62號舖
  • Transport: Exit A1, C1, L5 Tsim Sha Tsui Station. A bus station is about 120 yards away in front of the Star Ferry. Bus 2, 6, 7 and many others stop there. From the Central piers, the Star Ferry ride takes about 8 minutes.

Medium Price: Brunch Club Focuses on Brunch

This restaurant serves brunch all day in Central that is one of the major tourist areas. They sell everything from bread and jam to salads and lamb burgers, so you can mix the dishes as you wish.

From IFC Mall: It is in an out of the way area, but from the IFC Mall and the Hong Kong and Central Station below it, you could go out from the mall on the second floor to the pedestrian overpass that goes by Hang Seng Bank. A little past the bank, you'll find the start of the automatic escalators that take you to Caine Road. Go right on Caine Road, and turn left on Peel Street.

  • Rated 615/5,947 on TripAdvisor in 2016
  • Price per person: HKD 100 to 200. "Continental breakfast" for 108 HKD.
  • Hours: 8:00 am to 11:00 pm
  • Tel: 2526 8861
  • Addresses: Ground Floor, 70 Peel Street, Central, Hong Kong 中環蘇豪卑利街70號地下
  • Transport: Exit E1, Sheung Wan MTR Station. It is a 15 minute walk.

Low Priced IKEA for Excellent Swedish Style Breakfast and Lunch and Dessert


Swedish and organic/healthy food at low prices...

IKEA is a Swedish department store. Their restaurant has earned a good reputation in Hong Kong as one of the best low priced restaurants. They are known for family friendliness. The diner is popular with local kids.

Out of the way: However, it is in Shatin that is not a place most tourists would go though the New Town Plaza Mall is popular, and some tourists go to the Hong Kong Heritage Museum. It is good choice for tourists in the Shatin area for health conscious or budget conscious people.

Like a cafeteria: The restaurant is set up like a cafeteria. Staff dish out portions you choose as you walk along a counter. Then a cashier tallies the charge. It is popular, so expect you might have to wait for seating during busy hours.

  • Rated 564/5,529 in 2016 on TripAdvisor. It gets rated highly for its food though it is in an out of the way place.
  • Average price per person: 60 to 100 HKD. The Breakfast Set costs 23 HKD. Of course, you can add to it from the variety of selections.
  • Hours: 9:30 am to 10:00 pm weekends. 8:00 am to 10:00 pm weekdays. The Breakfast Set is available from 8:00 am to 11:00 am on weekdays and 9:30 am to 11:00 am on weekends and holidays.
  • Tel: 3125 0888
  • Address: L6, Home Square, 138 Sha Tin Rural Committee Road, Shatin (沙田鄉事會路138號新城市中央廣場3樓).
  • Transport: MTR Shatin Station Exit B, next to New Town Plaza. It is a five minute walk.

Read about other restaurants of International Cuisine. For more multicultural places to eat, you could see Top Places to Experience Multicultural Hong Kong.

How Dining in Done in Hong Kong

Go at the right time and reserve seats.

In Hong Kong, breakfast time is from 6:30am to 10:30am and lunchtime is from 12:30pm to 2pm. Make a reservation if you plan to dine in popular restaurants. Otherwise be prepared to queue.

The Environment

In smaller restaurants, sharing a table is a common practice, so if your party is small and a bigger group shows up, you may be asked to share your space or move to another table. But you won't find this to be so much of a problem in these restaurants except IKEA and Australia Dairy Company.


In some restaurants, it is common for waiters to automatically bring tea, condiments, and non-ordered snacks that will be charged to your bill. Please check with the waiter about such additional charges before being seated. Be firm about no additional charges or food up front.

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