The Top 6 Children Friendly Restaurants in Hong Kong
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The Top 6 Children Friendly Restaurants in Hong Kong

By GavinUpdated Mar. 18, 2021
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Asia's premier international tourist city has many good restaurants that provide special service for children. These six big restaurants are local kid's favorites, and were chosen to match your budget whether high or tight.

1. Pizza Express at Soho

Pizza and fun local kids like...


Pizza Express. It is a little pricey (about 500-HKD-and-up/per family, 65 USD), but the upside is that the food tastes better than usual. There is a special kid's menu featuring smaller portions.

It is easy for tourists to go to because it is close to the IFC Mall and next to the famed Mid-levels Escalator that provides quick and free transport.

An option is giving your child or children a party treat. For kid's parties, your children can play and craft their own pizzas for the fun of it. They can choose the toppings they want.

The upscale restaurant, though it especially caters for kids, is also a favorite regular place to eat for the local office workers since the food is good but not over-pricey and the environment is relaxed.


2. Jollibees


A surprising Filipino fast food restaurant, with slightly exotic yet familiar flavors, in Central.

Like Pizza Express, Jollibees is a local kids' favorite place to go. What makes it a winner is the nice atmosphere, smiley faces, and the good value for better-tasting kid's staples: fried chicken, hamburgers, and spaghetti.

However, the spaghetti you'll get isn't the usual noodles and meatballs. It is pineapple Hawaiian spaghetti. The tastes you'll find there are unusual. It is authentic Filipino food, and local kids say the food tastes better. It is also cheaper than, or at least priced the same as, KFC or McDonalds.


3. The Super Luxurious Lung King Heen at the Four Seasons Hotel

Hong Kong milk tea

Perhaps the best Cantonese restaurant in the world...

If you can afford the best service and Cantonese cuisine, then this Cantonese restaurant welcomes children over three with a special children's menu. It is the only Cantonese restaurant in the world that is rated with the top 3 stars by the Michelin organization.

The Michelin Guide is published annually and rates quality restaurants around the world. The 2012 and 2013 reviews only lists five 3-star restaurants in the whole of China, including Hong Kong and Macau. So it is worth a special journey.

4. Starliner Diner at Disneyland


At the children's favorite theme park... 

This fast food restaurant is listed because it is in Hong Kong's biggest children's attraction.

Disneyland is the local big theme park that most excites small children. Hong Kong's resort is mainly meant for children aged about 12 or less. There is a diner in each of the theme lands. Kids especially like the American fast food at Tomorrowland's Starliner Diner.

5. Harvest Restaurant at Noah's Ark

Excellent food and interesting environment

sea food

Harvest  Restaurant has a theme park setting, interesting surroundings, and good food value for the money.

It is a buffet restaurant that specializes in catering to families and children's groups. The restaurant is at the front of the ark, but you can access the restaurant by special side doors, so you don't need to buy tickets for the main theme park just to have a meal.

The ark sits on a nice white public beach called Tung Wan Beach. Some fun at the beach, visiting the free Ma Wan Park and/or the theme park, and a meal with your children would be a memorable treat.

There is a small resort hotel in the ark that is designed for families. The room rates are economical.

6. IKEA Restaurant


Swedish food and organic food at low prices...

IKEA's Swedish restaurant at the large Shatin branch has earned a reputation for quick service, good value for healthy food, and for being family friendly. IKEA is a Swedish department store. The diner is popular with local kids.

But if there are no lines, the service is quick. Refills on the soda pop is free. Much of the food is organic, but the prices are low.

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