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Real travelers' and travel experts' recommendations on traveling around Hong Kong. A great amount of useful and first-hand information is provided.

How to Plan a 1-Day Trip from Hong Kong to Macau

This article gives you all you need to arrange a Macau day tour from Hong Kong, including ferry transport from Hong Kong to Macau and must-see attractions in Macau.

Cindy Tang
The Complete Guide to a Hong Kong Layover

It is a list of top things to do and places to visit during a stopover in Hong Kong, including some of the most popular attractions.

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Planning a 3-Day Tour of Hong Kong in 2019

This article talks about how to plan 3 days in Hong Kong with top things to do, best places to visit, meals and shopping options.

How to Plan a 2-Day Tour of Hong Kong's Highlights

Here is a popular and workable plan to see the highlights of Hong Kong in only two days.

How to Plan a Family Tour of Hong Kong with Your Kids

This article gives some suggestions about planning a family tour in Hong Kong, including some attractions and food that children love.

12 Good Reasons for You to Visit Hong Kong in 2019

Why you should visit Hong Kong in 2019: culture, food, shopping, sightseeing, family, festivals, nightlife, sport, movies, visa-free travel, & convenience.

Hong Kong vs Shanghai — Which City Should I Visit?

These two large and important cities on China's coast are both interesting and full of things to do. Compare every aspect: from highlights to history.

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How to Plan a One-Day High-Budget Shopping Tour of Hong Kong

Want to have a one-day, high-budget shopping tour of Hong Kong? Here are some suggestions about where to star, shopping malls, features, shopping items and travel tips.

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How to Plan a One-Day Middle-Budget Shopping Tour in Hong Kong

To plan a 1-day mid-range shopping tour of HK, you should visit the Nathan Road, Ladies Market, Citygate Mall, and Temple Street in the evening for a fine range of shopping opportunities at mid-range bargain prices.

Hong Kong in One Day for Mid-Price Travelers

If you've only got one day in Hong Kong, this article is a guide to how to travel Hong Kong and enjoy yourselves greatly.

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Hong Kong in One Day for Luxury Travelers

A luxury one-day trip in Hong Kong should include classy things to do, the best restaurants, and the most comfortable means of transportation.

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Hong Kong in One Day for Budget Travelers

If you've only got one day in Hong Kong and you're looking for a memorable trip on a short budget, then this article is just for you.

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The Top 10 Hong Kong Areas to Stay In

Find out the best 10 areas to stay in in Hong Kong: Tsim Sha Tsui is best for first-time travelers, Causeway Bay for young people, Wan Chai for business…

Chartering a Boat in Hong Kong

This article gives you some information and suggestions about chartering a boat in Hong Kong.

Top 10 China Tours from Hong Kong

This article introduces four wonderful China tours that start from Hong Kong for those who are coming to China for the first time.

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Senior Travel in Hong Kong

This article provides some useful information about attractions and transport in Hong Kong, and travel tips particularly for senior travelers.

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Tips for Student Travelers in Hong Kong

This article gives several useful suggestions for student travelers to Hong Kong including budget hotels and attractions.

Handicapped-Tourist-Friendly Hong Kong

This article gives some useful travel tips for handicapped tourists to Hong Kong, including wheelchair-accessible attractions.

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Touring Hong Kong by MTR Subway and Tram

Using the Hong Kong MTR and Hong Kong Island Tram for touring: top tips, routes, and places to go.

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20 Things Not to Do in Hong Kong — Top Tips for 2019

Here are 20 tips for tourists to Hong Kong from our experienced travel advisers. Take note of such things now, it should help make your trip smooth and colorful.

How to Plan a Pearl River Delta Tour from Hong Kong

Touring Shenzhen and Guangdong from Hong Kong is easier with new quick visa and no visa entry methods. Here are ideas for planning your tour and travel.

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Hong Kong — Gateway to Mainland China

Hong Kong is a key gateway to mainland China. It is a "halfway house" between West and East. It is very convenient to travel from Hong Kong to the most fascinating destinations in mainland China.

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Discover the History of Hong Kong in a Day

Seeing more of the history of Hong Kong isn't that difficult if you know where to go. Here is a suggested itinerary.

Traveling Tips For Hong Kong's Typhoon Season

In summer and early fall HK may experience typhoon weather. Rarely severe, they may affect travel plans. Come prepared not scared.

How to Plan a Guilin Tour from Hong Kong

This article gives you all you need to arrange a tour from Hong Kong to Guilin, including the best time to go, transportation options, and must-see attractions.

Cindy Tang
The Top 10 Hong Kong Day Trips

After spending some time in the city, you may start to itch for something different! Here are some of our favorite Hong Kong daytrip getaways.

How to Get to the Great Wall from Hong Kong

Learn how to get to the Great Wall from Hong Kong via Beijing by train or plane (visa-free) and Hong Kong to Great Wall day trip planning tips.

How to Plan a Hong Kong to Xi’an Tour

In this article, we offer guidance on how to travel to Xi’an from Hong Kong and give detailed Hong Kong to Xi’an tour plans as well as useful tips.