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Red Star CliffRed Star Cliff

The Huanglong National Scenic Area doesn't only include the beautiful travertine ponds of the well known Huanglong Valley. In the scenic area's 700 square kilometer area, there are other scenic areas such as Red Star Cliff. This scenic crag is near Huanglong Valley, and you can enjoy this area too in a tour of Huanglong.

Red Star Cliff Highlights

In the rugged red crag, there is a small cave you can see in the middle of it. There is also a lake there. There is a hiking trail that you can take in the summer or early fall before it starts to snow. It is an option within the Huanglong Scenic Area for those who want to get away from the crowds or take a break.

Travel Essentials

Best Season: In the autumn, the trees and bushes get their red and yellow leaves. The color contrasts are the most vivid in fall. The light of the sun is clearer since there is much less rain in the fall, and it is less foggy and misty.

Transportation from Chengdu: From the Chengdu New South Gate, there are buses to Danyun that is in this Huanglong area. The fare starts at 100 RMB, and the trip takes 8 hours.

Travel Season Information

High season: The high tourist season in this area extends from April 1 to the middle of November. Most Chinese only want to see Huanglong, so if you wish to get away from the crowds or hike, you can go to this scenic area. The days around the major public holidays of May 1, October 1, and the Mid-Autumn Festival are when most Chinese tourists arrive. School and university summer vacations extend from early July to the end of August, and this is when many students and university staff go to the area.

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5-Day Huanglong and Jiuzhaigou Tour: Your guide will help you tour these amazing natural creations. Ask our tour experts to include a visit to Red Star Cliff.

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