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The Four Ravines — Sigou Valley Scenic Area

Sigou ValleySigou Valley near Huanglong

When you are in the Huanglong Valley area and you'd like to visit another nearby park with beautiful scenery and more privacy and solitude, you can see the Sigou Valley Scenic Area. It is 12 kilometers from Huanglong Valley. It is a spacious ancient glacial valley within quick and easy driving distance from Huanglong.

Sigou Highlights

It is a valley that was shaped by glaciers and earthquakes, so the landscape is quite rugged, beautiful and interesting. There is virgin forest there as well as glaciers high up. The altitude of this scenic area ranges from 2,700 meters to 4,200 meters. There are high peaks in the area. Though the valley is quite close to Huanglong, it looks quite different.

Sigou (四沟 /srr-goh/) means 'Four Ravines'. It is a part of the Huanglong Scenic and Historic Interest Area. Unlike Huanglong, this area is a big place where you can get out and see the scenery and enjoy the beverages and food of the local people who live there. You can see local herds and farmers about and try to get out and talk to them. You can visit their little eateries and try their local cuisine.

Travel Essentials

  • Best Season: In the autumn, the trees and bushes have their colorful fall foliage that is a highlight of the year in this area. The sunlight is clearer too, and this makes for better photography and scenery.
  • Best Time: We advise that you try to get there early in the day since Chinese tour groups often arrive around noon or in the afternoon.

Transportation from Chengdu to Huanglong: From the Huanglong Valley area, it is easy to reach Sigou Valley along the main road that serves Huanglong. This road also connects another attraction of the Huanglong Scenic Area called Red Cloud Gorge. From the New South Gate of Chengdu, there are buses to Danyun with fares costing 100 RMB, and the trip take 8 hours.


Shugla PassIncredible fall colors in Huanglong and Jiuzhaigou

Travel Season Information

High season: High season extends from April 1 to the middle of November and coincides with the high season for Huanglong Valley. Most Chinese tourists don't want to see Sigou, so there is much less crowding. The days around the major public holiday of May 1, October 1, and the Mid-Autumn Festival are when most tourists arrive. School and university summer vacation extends from early July to the end of August, and some student travel in the valley then.

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