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Xuebaoding MountainXuebaoding Mountain near Huanglong

When you are visiting Huanglong, you can see a white mountain looming overhead. It is called Xuebaoding (雪宝顶 /sshwair-baoww-ding/ 'snow treasure peak'). It is quite high at 5,588 meters or 18,300 feet and is higher than almost any mountain in North America. It is shaped like a spike or a great pyramid.

Xuebaoding Highlights

Xuebaoding is near Huanglong. It is about 6 km or 4 miles in a straight line away from Huanglong Valley. You can see it while walking near the upper cable platform in the middle of the valley.

If you would like to visit it to see more natural high wilderness, you can go to the Xuebaoding Scenic Area. It is so high that it is covered with snow all year. Some people might want to hike on the slopes if the weather is right.

If you visit the Xuebaoding Scenic Area itself, you can see the native Tibetans. You can enjoy visiting their restaurants and consider buying their jewelry and crafts products.

Travel Essentials

Best Season

Because of the altitude, the best season to go for a hike or a sightseeing walk on the slopes is also the high tourist season for the scenic area. This would be July and August. Climbing the peak itself is too difficult for all except experienced mountain climbers. It is warm enough in May and June, but it is rainy. By October, there may be snow that makes hiking difficult.

In September, the trees and slopes have colorful fall foliage that is a scenic highlight of the year in the Huanglong area. The sunlight is clearer in the fall than in the summer or spring, and this makes for better photography and scenery.


From the Huanglong Valley area, it is easy to reach Xuebaoding Pass. The scenery is amazing at the pass that is at an elevation of 4,000 meters (13,000), and it is a scenic ride in itself.

Probably the cheapest way to get to the Huanglong area from Chengdu is to take a bus from the New South Gate of Chengdu. These buses go to to Danyun, and the fare is about 100 RMB. The trip takes 8 hours.


Travel Season Information

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High season: High season for the whole Huanglong area including Xuebaoding extends from April 1 to the middle of November. Most Chinese tourists don't want to go to Xuebaoding, so there is much less crowding than in Huanglong. The days around the major public holidays of May 1, October 1, and the Mid-Autumn Festival are when crowds are the biggest in Huanglong. Summer vacation for schools and universities extends from early July to the end of August, and many students and student groups travel in the valley then.

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