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Pingshan: a Beautiful Village near the Yellow Mountains

Pingshan Village, near the Yellow MountainsPingshan Village, near the Yellow Mountains

A trip to Anhui province is usually led by a visit to one of China's most famous mountains, Huangshan. But while you're in the area, ancient Pingshan Village should be in your list too.

This picturesque village completes a climb on the Yellow Mountains with its blooming rapeseed flower fields and fascinating architecture. Give your weary legs a rest, and wander around Pingshan's gorgeous alleys.

What to Do in Pingshan Village

Pingshan ViIlage, HuangshanPingshan ViIlage, Huangshan

Pingshan Village, HuangshanPingshan Village, Huangshan

The best thing to do in Pingshan is take it easy and go for a stroll, a path is indicated with arrows but the village isn't big enough to really get lost. Along the way, you'll find many art shops because the village is a popular spot for art students to practice their trade.

Wander across the little bridges and canal-side paths down the alleys to get an insight into daily life in a Chinese village, and you'll come across some incredible buildings including ancestral shrines that demonstrate the type of wealth families brought to the village.

White-washed walls and dramatic eaves are set to the backdrop of Huangshan's surrounding mountains also perfect for those into photography.

Tips for Visiting Pingshan Village

Pingshan ViIlage, HuangshanPingshan ViIlage, Huangshan

Pingshan ViIlage, HuangshanPingshan ViIlage, Huangshan
  • The food and drink on offer is plenty, and our China Highlights tour guides can always help you navigate this by finding the best.
  • More frequently mentioned villages in the area are Hongcun and Xidi, but these will be busier especially during peak season. Also read: The Top 6 Ancient Streets/Villages close to the Yellow Mountains
  • A visit between late March and early April gives you the best chance of seeing the rapeseed flowers in bloom.

Our Huangshan Tours

The Yellow MountainsThe Yellow Mountains

You could tailor your own Huangshan tour! Just let us know your schedule, your interests, and what kind of hotels and restaurants you'd like to stay at. Any of our existing tours can also be customized to include a stop in Pingshan.

Around Huangshan, we recommend you take either a three or a four-day tour if you are a trekker and want to get off-the-beaten path. If you want to see more of China's mountainous landscapes, we have also put together a 15-day trip to China's most breathtaking scenery that has inspired generations of artists and poets.

If you are looking for more to do nearby there is also our 2-hour long Bishan Escape Tour past an old oil workshop, or a tour to visit a local Huizhou Farmer's residence and take a look into their life.

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