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The Top Things to Do in Wuhai

The Top Things to Do in Wuhai

Written by Candice SongUpdated Nov. 20, 2023

One of China's northern inland cities, Wuhai (乌海 Wūhǎi), is just opening up to tourism. It is an out of the way, unusual place to go, but maybe it just the place for you to get away from it all - crowds, tourism, etc. into an unusual remote area of China.

It is in Inner Mongolia in the desert, and sort of in the middle of nowhere. But the special Mongolian culture and some local sights makes it interesting.

The city of 600,000 is in the western part of Inner Mongolia about 250 kilometers west of the the better known boom city of Ordos. It is on the Yellow River that is a scenic attraction. It is in between the Gobi and Ordos deserts. Perhaps you might visit Wuhai as a part of a Silk Road or Yellow River tour.

Here are the top recommended tourist things to do around Wuhai:

#1 Just Enjoy the Unique Beefy Mongolian Food

roasted whole sheepRoasted whole sheep is a famous Mongolian dish.

Mongolians like to stir-fry and roast various kinds of meat. They don't just eat beef but also lamb and mutton, chicken, and dairy products. Their stir-fry technique is called mn-mye. Hundreds of ingredients could be ordered by checking off boxes on an order form. Then the chef prepares the mix in a big wok.

#2 Hike and Sightsee in the Desert Mountains

A long ridge of mountains are close to the city and southeast of it. Mountain peaks are about 500 or 600 meters high above ground. The highest peak is 1,000 meters above ground.

#3 See the Mongolian Festivals

Nadam Horse RacingHorse racing during the Nadam Festival in the summer

The ethnic customs of the Mongols adds a charm to the grassland of Inner Mongolia. The Nadam Festival and Mongolian yurts are the highlights of their customs. Horse racing, wrestling and archery are the main sporting traditions of Mongols, and the Nadam Festival held during July or August is an occasion for tourists to see the local Mongolians at play. Mongols are hospitable to visitors, so making a visit to a Mongolian family would be a great opportunity for tourists to see them.

#5 Take a Trip to Yinchuan

Hukou Waterfall Hukou Waterfall is one of the most famous attractions along the Yellow River.

The Western Xia ruins and museum about the Western Xia, a country that occupied the area 1,000 years ago, would be a good side trip. You can take a train or bus to Yinchuan in about two hours, or we can provide a private driver and car. Yinchuan is about 140 kilometers south.

#5 See the Yellow River

The Yellow River passes through the city. You can watch people fishing or boating. Sunset with the sun's rays reflecting red off the river is a good time to go.

#6 See the Desert Scenery

Inner Mongolia DesertDesert scenery

Many people enjoy seeing the vast dry expanses. The city is between the Ordos and Gobi deserts. You can explore them.

Touring Inner Mongolia

Train: Wuhai has no bullet train line yet. The Baolan regular train stops at the Wuhai Train Station. It goes between Baotou in Inner Mongolia and the large city of Lanzhou in Gansu. It is about 2 hours to go to Yinchuan and 11 or 13 hours to go to Lanzhou. It takes 13 to 18 hours to go to Beijing by the regular train.

Hulunbuir Grassland Hulunbuir Grassland is typical of Mongolian grassland expanses

Flight: Wuhai has a domestic airport with flights to Xi'an and Beijing. Beijing is about 1½ hours away.

Driving: It is about 170 kilometers to Yinchuan by vehicle. Wuhai is connected to Ordos by highway G18, and it is a 350 kilometer drive.

Inner Mongolia has some interesting places around Wuhai. The Western Xia ruins and Ningxia Museum in Yinchuan are visited by tourists. Some people like the Mongolian festivals on their grassland areas. Most tours won't take you to Mongolia's grasslands or deserts, but we can customize a tour for you!

  • Contact us to go on a private tour with us to Inner Mongolia, or anywhere else in China. Let us know what you want to do. Inner Mongolia Province Map

Onward Tours on the Silk Road and the Yellow River

Silk RoadSilk Road travel is easy with us

The Yellow River is one of China's longest rivers and is full of historical sites and shocking facts. You could travel with us by private vehicle or take the train to Lanzhou or Xi'an to see Silk Road sights.

Our Top Silk Road Tours:

You can tour Wuhai and many other remote places in China the easy way - by private driver and vehicle. China Highlights conducts personalized tours for individuals and groups.

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