Jiangxi Map

Jiangxi is located in Southeast China. The provincial capital is Nanchang, with a total area of 166,900 square kilometers. Jiangxi's ‘red culture' is famous both at home and abroad.

Jiangxi's Jinggangshan is known as the cradle of the Chinese revolution, and Nanchang is the birthplace of the Chinese People's Liberation Army. It takes about 2 hours to fly from Jiangxi to Shanghai.

Jiangxi Location Map

jiangxi location map

Jiangxi Attractions Map

Jiangxi is also considered a major tourist province in China, with a long history of culture and beautiful natural scenery. Tourist attractions that must be visited in Jiangxi include Mount Lushan, Tengwang Pavilion, Poyang Lake, Jingdezhen Ceramics Museum, and Wuyuan.

Jiangxi Attractions Map

Jiangxi Province Map

jiangxi province map