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Jiaxing Travel Guide - How to Plan a Trip to Jiaxing

Written by Candice SongUpdated Jul. 20, 2021

Lying on the Grand Canal of China, Jiaxing holds a critical geographic position as one of the key cities along Yangtze River. It is located at the northeast of Jiangsu Province, between Suzhou and Hangzhou and borders Shanghai to the east, Hangzhou to the west, Suzhou to the north and Hangzhou Bay to the south. Its downtown enjoys one-hour drive to the other three cities'. Besides, it has a coastline with a distance of 121 kilometers. The urban area of Jiaxing City is 3915 square kilometers, with a total population of 3.3681 million. The telephone code is 0573, the zip code 314000.

As the birthplace of the Chinese Communist Party, Jiaxing is known for the South Lake, where the first meeting of the Chinese Communist Party took place. It is a historical and cultural city with a typical style of south Yangtze River. A 2600-year-long history has endowed the city with the uniqueness of simplicity and solemnity, the charming scenery, pure and traditional customs and rich natural products making the city an earthly paradise.

It is also noted as the birth place of quite a few celebrities. Since ancient times Jiaxing has been the hometown for many famous men, such as Shen Junru, Wang Guowei, Mao Dun, Xu Zhimo, Feng Zhikai, Jin Yong and to name just a few. These celebrities have played an important role in Chinese modern history. Besides, some of Jiaxing's natural landscapes enjoy a high reputation at home and abroad. For example the spectacular Haining tide at the mouth of Qiantang River never fails to astonish any visitors. Especially in the eighteenth day of the eighth month in Chinese lunar year the tide is so spectacular as to be noted as "the first tide in the world"; and the Nan Bei Lake is the only scenic spot combining mountains, sea and lakes. What is more, there are many ancient silk towns in Jiaxing such as: Xitang in Jiashan County and Wuzhen in Tongxiang County. When exposing to the town streets, you can feel the unique charm of Yangtze River Delta.


As it is situated in the southern edge of the north sub-tropic, Jiaxing belongs to the East Asian monsoon climate, featuring alternative summer and winter monsoon and four distinct seasons. Generally, the city has a moderate temperature, abundant rainfall and sunshine. Specifically, the spring tends to be wet, the summer hot, the autumn dry and the winter cold. However, its summer with hot and humid weather is shorter than the dry and cold winter. The annual average temperature is 16 °C. And the average annual precipitation reaches 1168 millimeters, the annual average sunshine 2017 hours.

There are three tourism festivals each year in Jiaxing. Every year from the sixteenth day of the eighth month to the nineteenth day in Chinese lunar calendar, China International Qiantang River Festival will be held in Yanguan Haining. Beside the tradition Guanchao customs' shows, there are also a variety of large-scale activities, like singing, dancing and traditional folk custom demonstration, all of which reflect the ancient worship of the tide from people along the Yangtze River. Each May witnesses Jiaxing South Lake Tourism Festival holding, with major attractions like lotus lights, water tug war (looting lotus), riding white boats and rowing boat show. During the tourism festival, besides, dumplings festival, farmers' folk art exhibitions, photographic art exhibition and other activities are also held. At last, in the Xitang Tourism Culture Festival the Xitang style photography exhibit, rhododendron flower show, Jiashan rice wine display, traditional crafts and cuisine exhibitions and other activities won't disappoint every newcomer.

Food and Restaurants

With a long history, Jiaxing local food has evident features of south China, particularly of both Hangzhou dishes and Shanghai cuisine. Local delicacies including the South Lake crabs, Wu Fang Zhai rice dumplings, Wen-Hu Spaciality Duck have special favors. It is a must for travelers to have a taste.

Wu Fang rice dumping restaurant as one of the most famous restaurants in Jiaxing is located in Jianguo Middle Road. Yet its fame leaves you no need to worry about the price. In fact, the consumption here is very cheap.

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