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Nanbei Lake


The Lake is situated in Haiyan County, the north bank of Hangzhou Bay Bridge. It is 110 kilometers away from Shanghai, 80 kilometers from Hangzhou, 120 kilometers from Suzhou and 58 kilometers from Jiaxing.


As one of the state AAAA-class tourist scenic spots, it is the only scenic spot combining mountains, sea and lakes in China. It is one of the first set of provincial-level scenic spots, and Zhejiang top ten best leisure resorts.

Brief Introduction

The Nan Bei Lake covers a total area of 45 square kilometers, and consists of four major scenic attractions, namely Hutang, forests, coasts and the ancient town. It is rich in natural resources and cultural landscapes.

The lake is surrounded by mountains at its three sides, while leaving one side facing the sea. The lake is divided by a dam, not deep but with twists and turns, into two parts, Nan Lake and Bei Lake. There is an island - Egret Island, located in the central Nan Lake. It is a very good place for enjoying the glorious full moon; there is a piling-up island in the Bei Lake. With the shape of a butterfly, it is named "Butterfly Island", which is a good place to sip tea.

Linking the southern end of the lake is the sea, where the world-famous "the spectacular Haining tide at the mouth of Qiantang River" comes into being. At the other three sides of the lake surrounded by rolling hills, pines, bamboos, tea trees and orange trees. The lake and the hills add radiance and beauty to each other.

When viewed from the top of the mountain, the panoramic view of the land is all in sight. Every first day of the tenth month in Chinese lunar calendar sees a spectacular scene that the sun and the moon raise together. What is more, the world’s smallest stone city, "Tan Xian Stone City", the millennium ancient temple, Yunyou Nunnery, Jinjiu Refuge (a refuge that witnessed the friendship between China and Korea), Chen Congzhou Art Museum for his garden masterpieces, Huang Yuan book collection store, Wu Yue Wang Park and Baiyun Chamber and other 40 attractions are always good choices to visit.

In addition, the Nan Bei Lake Scenic Area sits in China's citrus planting area. Every autumn travelers can come here to take part in the picking-orange-up activity. The orange trees are planted around Nan Bei Lake and Huangsha Wushan Village. Especially the Huangsha Wushan Village, known as the "citrus orchard in north Zhejiang", will reward visitors a best time of picking up and tasting oranges. Every May Nan Bei Lake Tourism Festival provides a good opportunity for travelers to watch the big art show and performances which fully reflect the Nan Bei Lake cultural and customs.

How to Get There

Three key roads, Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway, Hang Pu Expressway and Zhajiasu Expressway run through the city. The cross-sea bridge traffic forms a one-hour traffic circle linking Nan Bei Lake, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou and Ningbo together. There are buses from Shanghai South Bus Station, Hangzhou East Bus Station (every 20-30 minutes), Suzhou South Bus Terminal Station to Haiyan Bus Station, where travelers can transfer No.201 and 202 buses to Nan Bei Lake (per 10 minutes).