South Lake


It is located in South Lake District Jiaxing City.


The Lake is one of the three great lakes and can be on a par with Hangzhou West Lake and Shaoxing East Lake.

Brief Introduction

Jiaxing South Lake is noted for its beautiful scenery, one line of a poem, "the mist and the rain wave on the water face" best matching its beauty. Each season endows the lake special scenes. In spring, the new buds of willows aside the lake are dancing to the breeze, in summer, pink lotus are swinging in the lake, in autumn ripe water caltrops are overflowing with fragrance, in winter the white snow covers, creating a pure a world.

Besides, it has become an important memorial of the revolution in China modern history because the First National Congress of Chinese Communist Party was successful held in a boat on the lake, and it has attracted worldwide attention. In July 23, 1921, the First National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party was held secretly in Shanghai. Towards the end of the meeting, French Concession policeman intervened by forced and stopped the meeting.

And according to the proposal of Wang Huiwu, wife of Shanghai representative, Ms. Li Dadi, the meeting would continue in a boat on the South Lake in August 1. It was on this red boat that the congress issued the first "Constitution of the Communist Party of China", which declared the birth of the Communist Party of China. Ever since, the Chinese revolution has opened a new era.

Another famous cultural relics, Yanyu Lou (a building), located on an island in South Lake, was built in the Five Dynasties. It has been noted for the misty view and enormous gaily-painted pleasure-boats since Tang Dynasty. Many celebrities of different times such as Emperor Qianlong, Sun Zhongshan have paid a visit to the island several times. Besides Yanyu Lou, the main building, there are more than 10 scenic spots, like Qing Hui Tang, Qianlong Emperor tablets pavilions, Guanyin Pavilion, Baomei Pavilion, Laixu Ting, and calligraphies and paintings by renowned artists.

Revolutionary Memorial Hall is located at the side of South Lake, in memory of the First National Congress of Chinese Communist held in South Lake and it is a national patriotism education base. The memorial was built in the 70th anniversary of the Communist Party of China in 1991 and inscribed by Comrade Deng Xiaoping (the first president of China since the opening-up).

How to Get There

Travelers can take No.1 buses from Jiaxing Railway Station Road, or take a taxi with a starting fare of 5 yuan, 3 yuan by tricycle.