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Jingdezhen Shopping

Jingdezhen Shopping

Written by Fercility JiangUpdated Sep. 7, 2021
Taoci minsu museum

Shopping in Jingdezhen is a unique visit. While in the ancient town, you must see Old Street, which combines shopping and ancient architecture. Then, make porcelain the theme of your shopping adventure, as there are many types of porcelain here: blue and white porcelain, eggshell porcelain, and rose porcelain, among others. Don't worry about the heavy volume of porcelain sold here, as Jingdezhen will surprise you with the exquisite handicraft of many small ceramic pieces.

Souvenir (Porcelains)

Blue and White Porcelain

The Chinese are familiar with this kind of porcelain, as it is highlighted in a popular song. The colors of blue and white porcelain are mainly blue and white, and the white is outstanding and refined. Once, when centuries-old blue and white porcelain pieces were unearthed, they had retained their bright color. Blue and white porcelain is very popular in China.

  • Chinese name: 青花瓷 Qinghua Ci /ching-hwah tsuh/

Eggshell Porcelain

Eggshell porcelain got its name from its thin, colorful, and transparent appearance, and it has been that way since the North Song Dynasty. During different times, this thin and transparent porcelain has always been the shining star among ceramics. Significant eggshell porcelain products are vases, tableware, and other pieces.

  • Chinese name: 薄胎瓷 Botai Ci /bor-teye tsuh/

Rose Porcelain

The pattern and tracery of rose porcelain are vivid, and the brushwork on the surface is of primitive simplicity and beauty. Rose porcelain gives people a stereoscopic sensation, and its color does not fade with the passage of time.

  • Chinese name: 粉彩瓷 Fencai Ci / Fnn-ceye tsuh /

Places to Buy Porcelains

Porcelain Street

  • Chinese name: 瓷器街 Ciqi Jie
  • Address: South Lianshe Road 莲社南路
  • Transportation: Take city bus No.1, 11, 12, 15, 18, or 20 and get off at Renmin Square Station (人民广场站).

Sanlv Temple Ancient Street

  • Chinese name: 三闾庙古街 Shanlvmiao Gujie
  • Address: near North Zhongshan Road 中山北路附近
  • Transportation: Take city bus No.11 and get off at Lishi Du Station (里市渡站).

Special Street

Sanlv Temple Ancient Street

Many sculptures stand along Sanlv Temple Ancient Street, reminding us of this town's past. Yet, even though the street is old in style, the goods here are very fashionable. You can also enjoy many local snacks and buy porcelain or other souvenirs. The prices are not high, and you can bargain with the shopkeepers.

  • Chinese name: 三闾庙古街 Shanlvmiao Gujie / shan-lyoo-myoww goo-jyeh/
  • Address: near North Zhongshan Road 中山北路附近
  • Transportation: Take city bus No.11 and get off at Lishi Du Station (里市渡站).

Shopping Places

Navada Department Store

This store sells brand name products such as clothes, bags, watches, shoes, glasses, jewelries, cosmetics, and so on. It is a good place to go for shopping and eating.

  • Chinese name: 华达百货 Huada Baihuo
  • Address: 116 Middle Zhushan Road 珠山中路116号
  • Transportation: Take city bus No.11 and get off at Doufu Nong Station (斗富弄站).

Xinyue Square

Xinyue Square mainly sells inexpensive clothing. Even though the clothing is ordinary, they are fashionable. You can also bargain with the shopkeepers.

  • Chinese name: 新悦广场 Xinyue Guangchang
  • Address: near the Middle Zhushan Road 珠山中路附近
  • Transportation: Take city bus No.11 and get off at Doufu Nong Station (斗富弄站).

Zhejiang Shopping Mall

Like Xinyue Square, Zhejiang Shopping Mall sells ordinary clothes and bags that are reasonably priced.

  • Chinese name: 浙江商城 Zhejiang Shangcheng
  • Address: near South Square Road 广场南路附近
  • Transportation: Take city bus No.6 and get off at South Square Road Station (广场南路站).
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