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Jingzhou Attractions

Jingzhou enjoys rich cultural and natural tourism resources. Among the attractions in Jingzhou, Jingzhou Museum has a colorful collection of cultural relics. The fresh, green and beautiful scenery of Jingzhou's gardens and water towns, and the towering modern buildings and ancient architecture, make Jingzhou a spectacular and magnificent city in the middle of China.

We have listed two of the most typical and popular attractions in Jingzhou. You can also contact us for a tour of Jingzhou — a natural and cultural traveling experience.

Most Popular Jingzhou Attractions

Jingzhou Historical and Cultural City Area

Jingzhou Historical and Cultural City Area reminds tourists of the history and culture of the Chinese people with its several museums and historic architecture. There are many historic temples dating back to ..

Jingzhou Museum

The Jingzhou Municipal Museum houses over 120,000 precious ancient Chinese relics. Boasting about 300 relics considered among the most important in China. This museum is a must for ancient Chinese buffs. Get ..