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 Jingzhou Shopping

Jingzhou Shopping

Written by Kelly PangUpdated Feb. 8, 2021

Located in the heart of Jianghan Plain, Jingzhou is a land with abundant fish and rice. In the ancient time, Jingzhou was an important place for military. Therefore, shopping in Jingzhou also presents strong Chu-Han culture. In Jingzhou, you can buy Jiangling lacquer wares, Jingzhou silk and satins, as well as Honghu Shell Carving. If you want to enjoy the culture of Three Kingdom, these souvenirs can help you.


Jiangling Lacquer Ware

Chinese people have used natural lacquer to protect the objects, as well as add color to the object for almost thousands of years. In Spring and Autumn Period, Chu State was one of districts that developed the lacquer crafts. An important characteristic of Jiangling lacquer wares is that as most of them are only used to decorate, so they have an extremely high ornamental value. Now, many furniture uses Nanmu as materials, and with the exquisite crafts, no matter furniture or handicrafts are of extremely high value for collection.

  • Chinese name: 江陵漆器 Jiangling Qiqi / jyang-ling chee-chee /
  • Place to buy: Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street 中山路步行街
  • Address: South Hanjiang Road 汉江南路
  • Transportation: Take city bus No.17 and take off at Zhongshan Pedestrian Street Station (中山路步行街站).

Jingzhou Silk and Satins

Jingzhou silk and satins is a kind of silk fabrics that uses natural silk as raw materials. Jingzhou ia rich in cotton satin fabric, whose history can be dating back to AD 300. People in Jingzhou discovered many brocade from the Warring States Period in 1982. According to a certain structure, Jingzhou silk and satins use warp and filling yarns and jacquard crafts to weave. The surface of Jingzhou silk and satins is plain and glossy, which is a top grade of garment materials.

  • Chinese name: 荆缎 Jingduan /jing-dwan/
  • Place to buy: Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street 中山路步行街

Honghu Shell Carving

It is well known that Honghu Lake abounds in freshwater pearls and shells, in which the shells are hard and colorful. Some artisans and craft persons use these shells as materials to make into handicrafts, which is very popular in the market. The themes of Honghu Shell Carving are ancient stories, characters of plays, flowers and trees, pavilions and so on, which shows great potential in creation. In 1973, Chinese delegates gave a Honghu shell carving named "The White Peacock" as a gift to the UN Headquarters. Many foreigners praise Honghu shell carving as a "unique eastern drawing".

  • Chinese name: 洪湖贝雕 Honghu Beidiao /hong-hoo bay-dyoww/
  • Place to buy: Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street 中山路步行街

Major Shopping Malls

Shalongda Square

Shalongda Square is located in the prosperous commercial center, where you can buy clothes, shoes, glasses, cosmetics, daily necessities and so on.

  • Chinese name: 沙隆达广场 Shalongda Guangchang
  • Address: Middle of Beijing Road 北京中路
  • Transportation: Take city bus No.10, 29, 31, 52 or 104 and take off at Bianhe Station (便河站).

The Times Square

The Times Square is a popular place to buy clothes, as well as watches, shoes, glasses, jewelries, cosmetics and so on.

  • Chinese name: 时代广场 Shidai Guangchang
  • Address: 189 Middle of Beijing Road 北京中路189号
  • Transportation: Take city bus No.11, 12, 27, 31 or 101 and take off at Liuzhong Station (六中站).
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