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Kaifeng Food

Kaifeng Food

Written by Kelly PangUpdated Jan. 11, 2021

Food culture in Kaifeng has a long history. Kaifeng is the birthplace of Yu Cai (Henan Dish), which is one of the ten major Chinese cuisines in China. Kaifeng Dish is a representative of Henan Dish for its unique Bianjing taste. Among those delicious food in Kaifeng, Li Yu Bei Mian (Carp with noodles in sweet and sour sauce), Tuo Zi Ji (spring chicken in salt), Tao Si Bao (made of duck, chicken, pigeon and quail), etc. are the most attractive. Snacks in Kaifeng are famous too, with various kinds. Xiao Long Bao (Steamed Small Meat Dumpling in Basket), Huang Men Fish, Xing Ren Cha (almond tea), Yang Rou Kang Mo (thin cake with minced mutton in it), Chao Liang Fen (stirred agar-agar jelly), Ba Bao Fan (rice pudding) etc. are all representatives.

Xiao Long Bao (Steamed Small Meat Dumpling in Basket) in Kaifeng

Steamed Buns

Steamed Buns

The most well-known Xiao Long Bao shop is called Di Yi Lou (meaning the best restaurant). However, people have to wait for a long time before they get the Xiao Long Bao for there are too many customers there. Most customers are tourists from other places.

  • Location: Di Yi Lou is at the crossing of Zhong Shan Road and Sheng Fu Qian Street. It is right opposite to Xing Gong. Local people all know it.

Huang Jia Bao Zi Guan (Steamed Stuffed Bun Shop of Family Huang)

This is the shop where local people usually go to. It is said that Xiao Long Bao here is more delicious than Xiao Long Bao in Di Yi Lou.

  • Location: there are many branch stores of Huang Jia Bao Zi Guan. Two of them are recommended here. One is in No. 330 of the west part of Bin He Road. The other one is in No. 1 of Song Cheng Road.

People can find most of the snacks of Kaifeng in the night fair. The night fair in Kaifeng begins at 5 pm. There are several night fairs in the central city like Gu Lou Night Fair (Drum Tower Night Fair) and Xue Yuan Men Night Fair (College Gate Night Fair). In the west, there are Wu Yi Night Fair (Five-city Night Fair) and Xi Si Night Fair. Da Nan Men Night Fair (Big South Gate Night Fair) and Xiao Nan Men Night Fair (Small South Gate Night Fair) are in the south. In the north, there is Bei Men Night Fair (North Gate Night Fair). In Song Men, Song Du Yu Jie (Imperial Street of Song Dynasty) etc., there are night fairs as well.

Gu Lou Night Fair (Drum Tower Night Fair)

The history of Gu Lou Night Fair can date back to Song Dynasty, now, it has become a great tourist site and biggest night fair in Kaifeng. Here, there are various kinds of snacks with different tastes. Apart from local snacks, snacks of other places gather here as well. In the south of Gu Lou Night Fair, snacks are mostly of Islamic style, while in the north, snacks are mainly of Han style.

  • How to Get There: Bus 4, Bus 6, Bus 8, Bus 10, Bus 13, Bus 14, Bus 20, Bus 20, Bus 22 and Bus 24 have a stop at Gu Lou Night Fair.

Xi Si Night Fair

Xi Si Night Fair is also a popular night fair among local people.

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