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Jidao Miao Village

Jidao Miao VillageJidao Miao Village.

About 4.3 million Miao people currently live in Guizhou Province. That's 48% of the whole Miao population in China.

Jidao is a Miao village about 25 km from Kaili city in Guizhou. Approximately a thousand people live there. The village is equally divided into two parts, Shangzhai (Upper Village, with its back to the mountains) and Xiazhai (Lower Village), with about 500 people in each.

There are about 170 households, living in traditional wooden houses on stilts on the hillside. There are many old granaries and ancient trees. People still wear traditional clothing and practice hospitable Miao culture.

In contrast to the Miao women in Datang, who wear very short skirts, women in Jidao are known for their long skirts.

Jidao Miao VillageJidao Miao Village.


Han forces of the Qing dynasty (1644–1911 AD) fought several wars against the Miao people to subdue them. The last such war happened during the Taiping rebellion in the middle of the 19th century.

When they lost, a large number of Miao people moved from their territory in Guizhou and surrounding regions into Southeast Asia. The Miao there are called Hmong.


Miao New yearMiao New year.

Popular festivals, when villagers dance and entertain visitors, are convened in Jidao during the 3rd and 10th lunar months. Eating New Rice is convened during the 3rd month, while Miao New Year is held during the 10th month. Every 13 years, there is a Miao Guzang festival for commemorating ancestors.

At festival time, Miao women dress up with silver headdresses and lots of silver jewelry. Jidao has a village square where visitors may watch the locals dance and sing. The Miao people are renowned for their traditional song and dance.

Visit Jidao with China Highlights

You can visit Jidao at any time of year, but the best time is probably in the warm months between March and October. Jidao is an ordinary village and is open to the public all day long. Admission is free. Buses go there directly from Kaili.

Jidao Miao Village Visit Jidao with China Highlights。

China Highlights can help you customize a trip to Jidao from Guiyang or Kaili.

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