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Kunming Restaurants

Kunming Restaurants

Written by Sunny XieUpdated Jul. 19, 2023


Greenery is a restaurant combining Chinese cuisine and western food, and even East Asian cuisine, such as Thai fried rice. Steak, spaghetti, salad and lamb chops are all available there. Customers can order a mixture of Chinese style and western style dishes and do not have to stick to one theme. The most popular foods are Thai fried rice, set meals and pizza.

  • Chinese name: 绿茵阁西餐厅 Lüyin'ge Xicanting /lyoo-yin-ger sshee- tsan-ting /
  • Average price per person: 50 yuan
  • Address: Floor 6, Baida Xintiandi, Nanping Street (west entrance), Wuhua District (五华区南屏街西口百大新天地6楼)


Yos-Mite is a well-decorated restaurant with affordable food. Afternoon tea and landscape seats are available there. The restaurant serves sirloin steak, shrimp meat and abalone sauce, and other food.

  • Chinese name: 悠山美地 Youshan Meidi /yoh-shan may-dee/
  • Average price per person: 39 yuan
  • Open: 10am–10pm
  • Address: Floor 5, Jinying International Shopping Center, 8 Qingnian Road, Wuhua District (五华区青年路8号金鹰国际购物中心5楼)
  • Tel: 0871-3102 266
  • Bus Routes: 4 and 146. Get off at Huguo Road (护国路).

Jinga'na Spanish Restaurant

It is a restaurant in Spanish style in Kunming, with 8-year history. The main dishes there are steak cooked in Spanish style. Besides, French salad, cuttlefish meal and Sangria wine are also highly recommended by some customers had been there.

  • Chinese name: 金嘎纳西班牙餐厅 Jinga'na Xibanya Canting /jin-gaa-naa sshee-ban-yah tscan-ting/
  • Average price per person: 90 yuan
  • Address: 24 Cuihu North Road, Wuhua District (五华区翠湖北路24号)
  • Tel: 0871-5199 696

Jintaiyang Italian Restaurant

Jintaiyang Italian Restaurant is very popular, so customers need to book in advance. The restaurant is near Green Lake, so customers can enjoy a nice view from some window seats. Recommended dishes in the restaurant are fruit pizza and steak with black pepper.

  • Chinese name: 金太阳意大利餐厅 Jintaiyang Yidali Canting /jin-teye-yang ee-daa-lee tsan-ting/
  • Average price per person: 58 yuan
  • Address: 16 Cuihu North Road, Wuhua District (五华区翠湖北路16号)
  • Tel: 0871-5362 502

Origus Pizza

The first Origus Pizza restaurant in China was opened in 1998. Now Origus Pizza chain restaurants can be found in many big cities, like Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen and Xi'an. The specialties of the restaurants are fruit pizza, chicken wings, onion rings and salad.

  • Chinese name: 好伦哥 Haolunge /haoww-lwnn-ger/
  • Average price per person: 44 yuan
  • Address: 9 Renmin Middle Road, Panlong District (盘龙区人民中路9号)
  • Tel: 0871- 3117 766, 3117 227
  • Bus Route: 69

South Railway Station 1910

It mainly serves customers with Yunnan-style dishes, such as the top 4 dishes in the restaurant: Jintiao xidoufen (special deep-fried dough sticks and mashed peas, 金条稀豆粉), hot and spicy pettitoes (trotters) (麻辣小猪手), mashed potato (老奶土豆泥) and sausage with pepper (花椒香肠).The appearance of this restaurant is not outstanding. However, as customers entering into the restaurant, they can find a hidden but special space: an exquisite building and courtyard, many railway theme photos on the wall, old railway signal lamps beside some tables. All of these make the restaurant a theme restaurant. It is said that customers will never be unsatisfied even they select the dishes casually.

  • Chinese name: 火车南站1910 Huoche Nanzhan 1910 /hwor-cher nan-jan 1910/
  • Average price per person: 56 yuan
  • Address: 8 Houxin Street, Wuhua District (五华区后新街8号)
  • Tel: 0871-3169 486

Deyi House

It is a famous restaurant in Kunming serving delicious Yunnan-style dishes. The restaurant is located in an old Qing Dynasty-style three-floor house. The restaurant uses ingredients collected from all over the province and offers 120 exquisite Yunnan-style dishes. The classical and tasteful environment and nourishing, natural, and delicious food attract numerous customers.

  • Chinese name: 得意居 Deyi Ju /der-ee jyoo/
  • Address: Jinbi Road Pedestrian Street (northwest corner), Wuhua District (五华区金碧路金马碧鸡坊内步行街西北角)
  • Tel: 0871-3633 555, 3625 580
  • Open: 11am–9pm
  • Average price per person: 78 yuan
  • Transportation: Take bus 3, 4, 62, 73 or 98, and get off at Jinma Biji Square (金马碧鸡广场); or take bus 82 or 84 and get off at the south entrance of Nanping Pedestrian Street (南屏街步行街南口), arriving at Jima Biji Square by crossing the road.

Hefeng Pavilion

Besides Yunnan cuisine, customers also can enjoy Chuan (Sichuan) cuisine and Cantonese cuisine in Hefeng Pavilion. The well-decorated restaurant faces Green Lake; hence customers can appreciate nice scenery while enjoying delicious food. The restaurant and the courtyard are classically styled.

  • Chinese name: 荷风轩 Hefeng Xuan /her-fnng sshwen/
  • Address: 9 Cuihu South Road, Wuhua District (五华区翠湖南路9号)
  • Open: 10:30am–9pm
  • Average price per person: 88 yuan
  • Transportation: Take bus 100, and get off at Cuihu South Road (翠湖南路).

Lao Dianmian 320 Dai Restaurant

It is a unique restaurant with typical Dai ethic style, both in decoration and dishes. If customers are interested in Dai food, this restaurant is an authentic choice. Roast fish, chicken soup cooked with coconut, beef balls, and roast brains wrapped in Chinese banana leaves all enjoy high popularity.

  • Chinese name: 老滇缅320傣味餐吧 Lao Dianmian 320 Daiwei Canba /laoww dyen-myen 320 deye-way tsan-baa/
  • Average price per person: 51 yuan
  • Address: Xingyuan Road (almost opposite the district law court), Xishan District (西山区兴苑路, 近西山区法院对面)
  • Tel: 0871-8191 156, 8186 029

Yanshi Xiaochu

It mainly serves Guizhou-style dishes. Sichuan cuisine and Yunnan cuisine are also available there. The dishes there are all a little bit spicy, so if you can not stomach spicy food, you should tell the waiter/waitress in advance to reduce the chili content. The signature dish in the restaurant is stir-fried cow heels (炒牛筋).

  • Chinese name: 燕氏小厨 Yanshi Xiaochu /yen-shrr sshyaoww-choo/
  • Open: 9am–9:30pm
  • Address: 78 Wujing Road, Guandu District (官渡区吴井路78号)
  • Tel: 0871-3185 158, 3185 308
  • Transportation: Take bus 52 or 57, and get off at Pingxin Village (平新村).

Yazhi Restaurant

Yazhi Restaurant mainly serves Guizhou style dishes. Tofu dumplings (豆腐圆子) is the signature dish.

  • Chinese name: 雅致小菜馆 Yazhi Xiao Caiguan /yaa-jee sshyaoww tseye-gwan/
  • Average price per person: 71 yuan
  • Address: Floor 2, Jianye Business Center, 99 Dongfeng East Road, Panlong District (盘龙区东风东路99号建业商户中心大楼2楼)
  • Tel: 0871-8023 228
  • Transportation: Take public bus 5 or 73, and get off at Municipal Government (市政府).

Daronghe Restaurant

The restaurant provides creative dishes combined Sichuan cuisine and Yunnan cuisine. Besides, dishes cooked in Hunan style are also available there. Most dishes in the restaurant are a little spicy, and customers can ask the waiter/waitress to change the taste personally.

  • Chinese name: 大蓉和 Daronghe /da-rong-her/
  • Average price per person: 77 yuan
  • Address: 1 Chenjia Ying, Guannan Avenue, Guandu District (官渡区官南大道陈家渡1号)
  • Tel: 0871-7016 655
  • Transportation: Take public bus 31, 32, 90, 154 or 161, and get off at Kangle Tea Culture City (康乐茶文化城), the restaurant is located to the opposite of Kangle Tea Culture City.

Yitian Yuan

Yitian Yuan RestaurantDecoration of Yitian Yuan Restaurant in Guanshang Middle Road Branch

It can not be denied that Yitian Tuan is the best Muslim restaurant in Kunming. There are several Yitian Yuan restaurants in Kunming, with the flagship in Xingyuan Road. The signature dishes there are mutton shashlik and roast whole lamb.

  • Chinese name: 伊天园 Yitian Yuan /yee-tyen ywen/
  • Address: facing Deyuan Area, Xingyuan Road, Xishan District (西山区兴苑路德缘小区对面)
  • Opening hours: 10:00–22:00
  • Tel: 0871-8230 000
  • Average price per person: 54 yuan
  • Transportation: Take public bus 82, 153 or 148

Yitian Yuan Branch in Longquan Road

  • Address: 68 Longquan Road, Panlong District (盘龙区龙泉路68号)
  • Tel: 0871-8230 000
  • Average price per person: 49 yuan

Yitian Yuan Branch in Linyu Road

  • Address: 146-148 Linyu Road, Panlong District (盘龙区霖雨路146-148号)
  • Tel: 0871-8230 000
  • Average price per person: 68 yuan

Yitian Yuan Fengning Branch

  • Address: the middle section of Fengning Area, Wuhua District (五华区丰宁小区)
  • Tel: 0871-8316 577, 8230 000
  • Opening hours: 08:00–21:00
  • Average price per person: 31 yuan

Yihui Yuan

Compared with Yitian Yuan Muslim restaurant, the price in Yihui Yuan is more affordable. Chicken cooked with soy sauce, fish cooked with tofu and roast duck are the highlights in the restaurant.

  • Chinese name: 伊惠园 Yihui Yuan /yee-hwei yawn/
  • Address: beside Provincial Government, South Huashan Road, Wuhua District (五华区华山南路省政府旁)
  • Tel: 0871-3632 101, 6945 800
  • Average price per person: 23 yuan

Aiyou Duoshen Vegetarian Restaurant

It is a vegetarian restaurant with quiet environment and healthy dishes.

  • Chinese name: 爱有多深素食餐厅 Aiyou Duoshen Sushi Canting /eye-yo dwor-shnn soo-shi tsan-ting/
  • Address: 9-10 Section C, Business Pedestrian Street, Beichen Area, Middle Beichen Road, Panlong District (盘龙区北辰中路北辰小区商业步行街C段)
  • Tel: 0871-5724 222
  • Opening hours: 10:30–21:30
  • Transportation: Take public bus 25 or 67, and get off at Beichen Area (北辰小区), the restaurant is about 200 meters ahead.

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