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 Kunming Vegetarian Restaurants

Kunming Vegetarian Restaurants

Written by Sunny XieUpdated Jul. 19, 2023

Panlong District

How Deep Is Your Love Vegetarian Restaurant

It is one of the most popular vegetarian restaurants in Kunming. It has two main features — a great environment and delicate dishes. There are a lot of flowers and plants by the gate which are very eye-catching. Entering the restaurant, you can see a freezer with organic vegetables inside. There are also books about vegetarian food. Besides, the cuisine is cooked very delicately and designed quite beautifully. It is brimming with a green and healthy atmosphere which is worth you coming.

Chinese name: 爱有多深素食餐厅 Ai You Duo Shen Sushi Canting

Recommended dishes: wisdom life (智慧人生, a rare Tibetan fruit and corn kernels in a pumpkin), silver sea and golden mushroom (银海金菇, a kind of sea vegetable and mushroom in a sauce), crispy melon silk (爽脆瓜丝), green jade (翡翠白玉, fried vegetables with tofu), bitter vegetables with mustard (芥末苦菜)

  • Average price per person: 59 yuan
  • Opening hours: 10.30am – 9.30pm
  • Address: 9-10 Commercial Pedestrian Mall Paragraph C, Beichen Community, Beichen Road, Panlong District (盘龙区北辰中路北辰小区商业步行街C段9-10号)
  • Tel: 0871-5724222
  • Transportation:
  • 1.Take Bus 25 or 67 and get off at Beichen Community (北辰小区)
  • 2.Take Bus 142 and get off at Lijing Garden East Road (丽景园东路)

Tianxinyuan Vegetarian Food and Tea Art Restaurant

It features Sichuan-style vegetarian food with a relatively heavy taste. There are two floors: the first floor is a tea house and the second is a restaurant. The restaurant is painted in a pale yellow color which is quite beautiful when the sun sets. The decoration is mainly in a Buddhist style. The suits of the waiters and waitresses are quite beautiful and the service is considerate and enthusiastic. There is also an option for group purchases for the customers which will be more economical. The parking is free here.

Chinese name: 天心缘素食茶艺餐厅 Tianxinyuan Sushi Chayi Canting

Recommended dishes: black tea pudding (红茶冻), boiled "fish" with pickled cabbage and chili (酸菜鱼, bean products with a fish taste), vegetarian wine (素酒), three line "meat" (三线肉, gluten with a meat taste), green bamboo shoots with sesame paste (麻酱青笋), fried wild mustard leaf dumpling (野芥菜盒子), Sichuan-flavor "beef tripe" (川香风味毛肚, mushroom and vegetables)

  • Average price per person: 80 yuan
  • Opening hours: 10am – 9pm
  • Address: 6-34 Jinjiang, No.6 Store, Panlong District (盘龙区金江6号商铺6-34号)
  • Tel: 0871-5399809
  • Transportation: Take Bus K1, 2, 14, 23, 25, 61, 79, 96, 119, 146, 167, 168 or 907 and get off at Linyu Road station (霖雨路)

Lily Pure Vegetarian Restaurant

The environment and decoration are natural and simple which makes the customers very comfortable. The waiters and waitresses are quite considerate and genial, giving you a feeling of being at home. The vegetarian hot pot is very popular and delicious, and is highly spoken of by the customers. All the vegetables are fresh and organic and, together with the specially prepared soup, they taste great.

Chinese name: 百合天心素食餐厅 Baihe Tianxin Sushi Canting

Recommended dishes: vegetarian hot pot (素火锅), steamed vegetarian stuffed bun (素包子), vegetarian salad (素沙拉), cold vegetable dish in a sauce (凉拌菜), healthy soup (养生汤), fried vegetables (炒时蔬), desserts (甜点)

  • Average price per person: 70 yuan
  • Opening hours: 11am – 8pm
  • Address: 121 Meijing Xincheng, 1 Tobacco Road, Panlong District (烟草1号路美璟欣城121号)
  • Tel: 0871-8391324
  • Transportation:
  • 1. Take Bus 67, 84, 114, 119, 126, 128, 136, 150, 159, 167, 168, 175 or 176 and get off at the bus station of Beishi District
  • 2. Take Bus 23, 61, 67, 96, 126 or 167 and get off at Crescent Moon Pond (月牙塘)

Wuhua District

Old Brand Instant Boiling Vegetarian Restaurant

It is very popular in Kunming and the local people like to bring their friends here. The main dishes served are hot pots. The dishes are special as they taste refreshing and delicious and are full of the Kunming food characteristic. The hot pot is a very nutritious dish. After eating so many meat dishes, it will be healthier for you to eat such vegetarian foods which can also help to increase your appetite.

Chinese name: 老牌涮菜素食馆 Laopai Shuancai Sushi Guan

Recommended dishes: Yunnan rice noodles (云南过桥米线), liquor rice balls (白酒汤圆), papaya juice (木瓜汁), vermicelli made from bean starch (粉丝), steamed tofu and sticky rice (豆腐圆子)

  • Average price per person: 10 yuan
  • Opening hours: 10am – 10pm
  • Address: 78 Minsheng Street, Wuhua District (五华区民生街78号)
  • Transportation:
  • 1. Take Bus 2, K7, 54, 54 (air-conditioned) 56, 61, 69 or 237 and get off at Wuyi Road (五一路)
  • 2. Take Bus K5, 61 or 125 and get off at Confucius Temple (文庙)
  • 3. Take Bus 120 and get off at Yunnan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital (云南省中医院)

Chinese Agriculture Organic and Ecological Vegetarian Restaurant

It is one of the most delicious vegetarian restaurants in Kunming. The whole style of the environment and decoration is green, which makes you feel in a good mood. The meat-like dishes are quite tasty and attract a great many customers. After the meal, you can also buy some healthy quick-frozen vegetarian dumplings, biscuits etc. The service is quite enthusiastic and considerate.

Chinese name: 中农有机生态素食馆 Zhongnong Youji Shengtai Sushi Guan

Recommended dishes: vegetarian "meat" paste wrapped with an organic lotus flower (玉荷包, "meat" paste made of mushrooms and vegetables), pine tea (松树茶), fried "beef" (炒牛肉, bean products with a beef taste), fried "beef" balls with pickled vegetables (腌菜炒牛肉丸, bean products with a beef taste), vegetarian grilled fillet "steak" (素牛扒, gluten and dry bean curd with a steak taste)

  • Average price per person: 30 yuan
  • Opening hours: 9am – 8.30pm
  • Tel: 0871-3632288
  • Address: Floor 2, Xingjie Dasha, 156 Wuyi Road, Wuhua District (五华区五一路156号兴杰大厦2楼)
  • Transportation:
  • 1.Take Bus 120 and get off at Yunnan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital (云南省中医院)
  • 2.Take Bus 2, K7, 54, 54 (air-conditioned) 56, 61, 69 or 237 and get off at Wuyi Road (五一路)
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