Lanzhou Vegetarian Restaurants

Lanzhou Vegetarian Restaurants

By Kelly PangUpdated Mar. 18, 2021

Chengguan District

Chanyuan Vegetarian Restaurant

Braised “meat” Balls in Brown Saucebraised “meat” balls in brown sauce

This restaurant is mainly engaged in serving delicate vegetarian food. The green and organic ingredients are cooked by fashionable and healthy means which are very good for your health. The environment is elegant and quiet which is very suitable for family parties and business banquets. Besides, it is located in the downtown area which is convenient for the traffic. The dishes are fresh, delicious and very nutritious.

Chinese name: 禅缘素菜馆 Chanyuan Sucai Guan

Recommended dishes: golden jade lily fruit (金玉百合果, mixed walnut kernel, strawberry, and other fruits), braised “meat” balls in brown sauce (红烧狮子头, winter melon and dry bean curd with a meat taste), braised “meat” balls and vegetables (菜胆狮子吼), griddle cooked tea tree mushrooms (干锅茶树菇), spicy salted Chinese yam (椒盐山药), fried colorful peppers and melon with mixed mushrooms (云瓜彩椒炒什菌), sizzling stuffed eggplant with a sauce (铁板浇汁茄盒), cold black fungi mixed with mustard (炝拌木耳), cold mixed purple cabbage with plum (话梅紫包菜), baby cabbage with bubble pepper (泡椒娃娃菜), sweet Chinese dates (蜜汁红枣)

Love Woods Vegetarian Fast Food Restaurant

Noodles with Soybean Saucenoodles with soybean sauce

It is a vegetarian fast food restaurant which provides all kinds of vegetarian foods. There are mainly wheaten foods, rice and vegetables served in the Gansu style. The prices are quite reasonable. You can experience the dishes which have Lanzhou characteristics. The parking is free.

Chinese name: 爱之林蔬食品快餐 Aizhilin Shushipin Kuaican

Recommended dishes: vegetarian dumpling (素水饺), mixed noodles with vegetables (素拌面), noodles with various ingredients (臊子面), fried noodles with vegetables (炒面), stewed noodles (烩面), noodles with soybean sauce (炸酱面)

Qilihe District

Mini Vegetarian Snack


It follows the concepts of green and environmentally friendly food, balanced nutrition and is engaged in the vegetarian food culture. The dishes here are purely vegetarian, very healthy and delicious which will make you feel close to nature. The location is near to the statue of the Yellow River Mother and there are a great many tourists. Therefore, it is a good chance for you to not only taste the delicious vegetarian food but also to sample the Chinese culture.

Chinese name: 迷你蔬食小吃 Mini Shushi Xiaochi

Recommended dishes: various kinds of fried vegetables (炒时蔬), crispy cakes (酥饼), steamed stuffed buns with various kinds of fillings (包子), fried noodles with vegetables (炒面), fried bean jelly (焖子), dumplings with various kinds of vegetarian fillings (饺子), vegetarian wonton (馄饨), noodles with various ingredients (臊子面), fried shredded pancakes (炒饼)

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