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 Lhasa Weather in September

Lhasa Weather in September

Written by Kelly PangUpdated Aug. 23, 2021
Barkhor StreetBarkhor Street Shopping

Weather: September is one of the best months for travel in Lhasa and Tibet as a whole. The weather starts to cool, but the warm weather is comfortable. Dry air comes in, and the autumn colors appear in the vegetation. Rainfall decreases substantially, and there is 70 mm of total rainfall spread over about 15 days each September.

The average nightly low temperature is 8 °C (46 °F). The average daily high temperature is 20 °C (68 °F). It feels warmer because the altitude is 3,600 meters (12,000 feet). There is sunshine about 7 hours a day, and the UV radiation is maximumly intense. Check the Lhasa weather forecast>>

Clothing: Dress in layers for the large temperature difference of 22 °F between day and night and the weather extremes. You might be able to wear shorts and T-shirts on some days but need a coat at night. You'll need a sun hat, sunglasses, and rain gear. A coat and winter gear should be taken up to the higher mountain regions.

Altitude Sickness: Most people get altitude sickness. The oxygen in the air is 2/3 that of sea level. Cardiovascular problems are exacerbated. Seek medical advice and acclimate before exertion. Read Lhasa health advice>>

Things to Do in Lhasa in September

Shop on Barkhor Street

Barkhor Street: It is Lhasa's main shopping street, but unlike any other in China, you'll see people bowing and stretching their way on the ground along it. It is the traditional Buddhist posture for those worshipping or making a pilgrimage.

There are dozens of stores that sell handicrafts and artwork. For souvenirs, you can buy Tibetan rugs, clothes, gold and silver jewelry, and craft products. Jokhang Temple is on the street, and it is a major attraction for the worshippers. People worship outside it and walk around it.

Enjoy Namtso Lake

Namtso LakeThe vivid colors at Lake Namtso four hours from Lhasa

Walk at Namtso Lake: The weather is still suitable for a day trip or overnighter to the high salt lake, but check the weather forecasts before you go to make sure. It is one of the highest lakes in the world and is reputed to be one of the best scenic places in Tibet.

If the weather is warm and sunny, you can enjoy a walk and explore. The elevation is 4,718 meters or 15,000 feet, and there might be snow this month. The sunsets are amazing. The accommodations are rudimentary, so check what is available early.

Hike Outside Lhasa

Hike between Ganden Monastery and Samye Monastery: Ganden Monastery is only a 1.5 hour scenic drive from Lhasa. It is one of the best hiking routes in Tibet. This 80 kilometer route can be covered in several days. Be prepared with good rain gear. It is best to go later in the month when it rains less.

Ganden Monastery is one of the best monasteries in Tibet to see. It is situated on a scenic mountain, and it is still an active monestary. The elevation is 4,300 meters or 14,000 feet.

Touring Lhasa in September

High Travel Season

High season: Schools and universities are back in term in September and students return to school. So in early September, there is a lull before the end of September when tourism increases for the October National Day holidays. Tourism is still high though, especially if the Mid-Autumn Festival falls in September, as it does in over 3/4 of years. On those holidays, there is a travel surge, and you'll need to have your travel tickets and rooms in advance.

We can build a travel plan and make the arrangements and a Tibet tour visa for you according to your interests and travel constraints. 

Recommended Tour Packages

7-Day Train Trip from Xining to Lhasa and Tour: You can watch the scenery from the windows while you acclimate to high altitude, and then enjoy a tour of the Lhasa highlights.

Further Reading

Lhasa Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

Date Average High Average Low
September   1 68 °F 20 °C 47 °F 8.33 °C
September   2 68 °F 20 °C 47 °F 8.33 °C
September   3 68 °F 20 °C 47 °F 8.33 °C
September   4 68 °F 20 °C 47 °F 8.33 °C
September   5 68 °F 20 °C 47 °F 8.33 °C
September   6 68 °F 20 °C 47 °F 8.33 °C
September   7 68 °F 20 °C 47 °F 8.33 °C
September   8 68 °F 20 °C 46 °F 7.78 °C
September   9 68 °F 20 °C 46 °F 7.78 °C
September   10 68 °F 20 °C 46 °F 7.78 °C
September   11 68 °F 20 °C 46 °F 7.78 °C
September   12 67 °F 19.44 °C 46 °F 7.78 °C
September   13 67 °F 19.44 °C 46 °F 7.78 °C
September   14 67 °F 19.44 °C 45 °F 7.22 °C
September   15 67 °F 19.44 °C 45 °F 7.22 °C
September   16 67 °F 19.44 °C 45 °F 7.22 °C
September   17 67 °F 19.44 °C 45 °F 7.22 °C
September   18 67 °F 19.44 °C 44 °F 6.67 °C
September   19 66 °F 18.89 °C 44 °F 6.67 °C
September   20 66 °F 18.89 °C 44 °F 6.67 °C
September   21 66 °F 18.89 °C 43 °F 6.11 °C
September   22 66 °F 18.89 °C 43 °F 6.11 °C
September   23 66 °F 18.89 °C 43 °F 6.11 °C
September   24 66 °F 18.89 °C 42 °F 5.56 °C
September   25 65 °F 18.33 °C 42 °F 5.56 °C
September   26 65 °F 18.33 °C 42 °F 5.56 °C
September   27 65 °F 18.33 °C 41 °F 5 °C
September   28 65 °F 18.33 °C 41 °F 5 °C
September   29 65 °F 18.33 °C 40 °F 4.44 °C
September   30 64 °F 17.78 °C 40 °F 4.44 °C
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