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Liaoning 144-Hour Visa-Free Travel

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Liaoning Province has a 144-hour (or 6-day) visa-free policy for international stopovers using Shenyang Taoxian International Airport or Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport. During the time period, you may travel throughout the area of Liaoning.

This is a convenient policy for those wishing to spend some time for a visit to the large Liaoning region without the hassle and extra cost of obtaining a China visa.

Here, we present useful information about the policy and how to take advantage of it for touring and visits.

Good news: Starting from January 1, 2018, Liaoning's 144-hour visa-free travel policy came into effect. It replaced the earlier 72-hour policy.

Rules and Conditions

  • The locality covered under the policy: only Liaoning Province. This large region is 145,900 square kilometers (56,300 square miles) and includes Dalian, Shenyang, and dozens of other cities and towns.
  • Eligible ports: Shenyang Taoxian International Airport or Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport.
  • Eligible countries: In the Americas: the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile; in Oceania: Australia, New Zealand; in Europe: Austria, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, Ireland, Russia, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania, Belarus, Monaco; in Asia: South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Brunei, United Arab Emirates, Qatar.
  • Necessary documents and tickets: passport (valid for at least 3 months); confirmed air ticket to a third country; a visa to the third country if required; a filled out arrival/departure card.

Eligible Transit Routes

passport, flight tickets, and mapVisit Liaoning with your passport and air tickets, but NO visa!

This policy requires that passengers must be in transit to a third country or a Specially Administered Region of China. Making a round trip from/to the same country doesn't qualify.

Your itinerary should be departure country → Liaoning → a third country or region. For example, UK → Liaoning → Japan is an acceptable itinerary. But USA → Liaoning → Beijing → Japan is not.

Hong Kong and Macau are considered to be regions separate from Mainland China for international transit purposes, and you won’t need a visa if you transit in either of these Special Administrative Regions (SARs). You can include them in your itinerary like this: USA → Liaoning → Hong Kong → USA.

How to Make a 144-Hour Visa-Free Transit Visit

1) Inform your carrier of your intent to use the 144-hour TWOV (Transit Without a Visa).
2) Fill in arrival and departure cards (available on your flights).
3) Apply for the 144-hour visa-free stay at the dedicated counter on your arrival.
4) Claim your luggage, go through customs, and exit the airport.
5) Leave from Shenyang Taoxian International Airport or Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport within 144 hours from 00:00 on the day after arrival.

More about China's national 144-Hour Visa-Free Policies.

Essential Dalian Zhoushuizi Airport Travel Info

dalian railway stationDalian Railway Station. From the airport, Dalian Railway Station is only about 12 minutes by taxi.
  • Chinese: 大连周水子国际机场 Dàlián Zhōushuǐzǐ Guójì Jīchǎng
  • Airport code: DLC

Dalian Airport is a small international airport (though a medium-sized domestic airport). It doesn't serve intercontinental planes, but it serves several flights to Japan, three to South Korea, two to Taipei, and one each to Hong Kong, Cambodia, Thailand, and Malaysia [2019]. So, when you are traveling to a third destination outside of Mainland China, you should plan accordingly.

Zhoushuizi International Airport is convenient for city visits since it is only about 11 kilometers from the central downtown Zhongshan District. It is a 14-minute ride by taxi. Liaoning metro Line 2 goes between the airport and Zhongshan Square Metro Station for convenience.

On a private tour with us, we'll provide airport pickup and hotel transfer for less hassle and saved time. See Dalian Transportation for more local Dalian information.

Essential Shenyang Taoxian Airport Travel Info

  • Chinese: 沈阳桃仙国际机场 Shěnyáng Táoxiān Guójì Jīchǎng
  • Airport code: SHE

Taoxian International Airport is in the city of Shenyang that is both the capital of Liaoning and its biggest city with about 9 million people. It is in the northern part of Liaoning. It is Liaoning's other major tourist city, and due to its central location, it is a transportation hub of the northeastern (Dongbei) region of the country.

It has more international flight options than Dalian's airport with services to Los Angeles, Vancouver, and Frankfurt. For Asia, it has several flights to Japan, one to North Korea, five to South Korea, four to Taipei, four to Bangkok in Thailand, two to Cambodia, and one each to Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Malaysia [2019].

Tiaoxian International Airport is very convenient for city visits since it is only about is about 19 kilometers or (12 miles) from the central downtown. It is 23 minutes away by taxi. There is no metro service to the airport, but Line 2 and Line 6 of the tram system that serves southern Shenyang connect to the airport.

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3 Top Things to Do on a Liaoning Province Visa-Free Trip

shenyang imperial palaceThe Shenyang Imperial Palace is one of Liaoning's major attractions.

1. Check In at Downtown Dalian: See the Scenery, Shop, and Dine

Zhongshan Square is the central scenic plaza area in downtown Dalian. It is in a circle with the main shopping and business streets branching out from it. It is about 16 minutes from the airport by taxi. You can see Dalian's new skyscrapers, luxury malls and shopping streets from there. Adjacent old Japanese buildings provide an interesting architectural background. Scenic areas of the coast are nearby.

For shopping and dining, you have many choices such as Tianjin Pedestrian Shopping Street and the luxury Friendship Shopping City Mall on Renmin Road. Eton Place is the tallest building and has a mall. It is only a kilometer away. Dalian is known for seafood, and two of our recommended Dalian Restaurants that specialize in seafood meals are in Zhongshan.

Central Dalian is the best place for hotels for tourists too due to the convenient central location and airport access. The Zhongshan Park Metro Station provides ready metro access, and it is only about 35 minutes by the metro direct to the airport. From Zhongshan Square, in about three minutes, you can go to the Dalian Railway Station that provides high-speed train service to Shenyang and other places in Liaoning.

2. Visit Shenyang: See the Scenic Square and the Imperial Palace and Dine

Zhongshan Square in ShenyangZhongshan Square in Shenyang

Zhongshan Square is in the central downtown area of Shenyang. It is circular and has major shopping and business avenues branching from it. Around the circle, you can see the old architecture built by the Japanese and other foreigners before WWII. It is about 23 minutes from the airport by taxi.

For shopping and dining, you have many choices such as Taiyuan Pedestrian Street. Shenyang has many Korean restaurants. See recommended Shenyang Restaurants.

Central Shenyang is the best place for hotels for tourists too due to the convenient central location. The Shenyang Railway Station is in walking distance from Zhongshan Square. There are both regular and high-speed lines that can take you to many places in Liaoning. Dalian, for example, is about 2 hours by bullet train and 5 hours by regular train.

The Shenyang Imperial Palace is conveniently in the city. It was built by the first Qing Emperor in 1625. About 300 rooms are built around 20 courtyards with interesting architecture in an amalgam of styles including Han, Mongolian, Manchu and Tibetan.

3. Go to Dandong: Hike at the Great Wall and see the Yalu River

hotpotSeafood hot pot is a Dandong specialty.

Dalian and Shenyang are easy to go to places in Liaoning, but the province has fascinating places to go further out such as Dandong that is a city of about 3 million adjacent to North Korea.

Dandong is dominated by two major attractions. The Liaoning Great Wall is 20 kilometers (12 miles) from the city. The Yalu River Scenic Area is a place to see the Yalu River and North Korea. You can also enjoy Korean food such as barbecue there.

It is best to travel there by private vehicle for speed, convenience, and flexibility. We can help you find great authentic Korean and Chinese restaurants there too.

Get Expert Help Having Your Ideal Visa-Free Liaoning Tour

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