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Baoshan Stone Village

Baoshan Stone Village is a village on a giant stone. All of the houses and furniture in the village are made of stones.


Baoshan Stone VillageBaoshan Stone Village

Baoshan Stone Village is located in the Jinshajiang River ravine, 110 km north of Lijiang city. About 100 families live in the village, which got its name by being located near a giant stone that looks like a mushroom. Three sides of the giant stone are cliffs, and another side faces Jinshajiang River. One can enter the village from only two stone gates, one on the south and one on the north.

Houses in the village are all made of natural stones, and people carve the houses in the stones. Visitors are amazed by the superb craftsmanship done by the village ancestors hundreds of years ago.

There are terrace fields on the hillside around Stone Village. The view in Baoshan Stone Village is breathtaking during the summer and autumn.


Baoshan Stone Village was built between 1277 and 1294. It has over 800 years of history. In 1253, the prince of the Yuan Dynasty, Kublai, led his army to occupy Dali city. After his army passed Jinshajiang River, they rested at a stone village and became the first villagers in Baoshan Stone Village.


Stone VillageStone Village

No public buses go to Baoshan Stone Village. It takes about one and one-half hours to go from Lijiang to Baoshan County, and then visitors need to walk another three hours to get to Baoshan Stone Village.


Getting to Baoshan Stone Village is not easy. Please make sure that you are prepared to walk three hours.

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