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Lijiang Maps

Our Lijiang maps cover Lijiang's location in China, cities in Yunnan Province, Lijiang Ancient town, and Tiger Leaping Gorge.

Lijiang's Location in China

Lijiang is located in the northwest Yunnan Province, and borders Sichuan, covering an area of 21,000 sq km (8,000 sq mi). It is about 3 hours by air from Beijing and Shanghai.

Yunnan Province Map

This map shows the locations of Yunnan's main prefecture-level cities including Lijiang.

Tiger Leaping Gorge Map

Tiger Leaping Gorge is one of the deepest gorges on the planet, with the best hiking trail in the Lijiang area and spectacular scenery. This map shows the Tiger Leaping Gorge hiking trail, locations of villages, guesthouse and attractions (including Haba Snow Mountain and Yulong Snow Mountain) along the trail.

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Other City Maps