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Luoyang Wangcheng Park (Historic, Peonies, and Fun)

Wangcheng Park is the largest comprehensive park in Luoyang and is also the largest in Henan Province.

It was built on the site of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty (770–256 BC) in 1955, which is how it got its name Wangcheng, literally meaning ‘king’s walled city’.

It was the first park built on the site of a ‘king city’ in China and is one of the best places to enjoy the beauty of the peonies in Luoyang. We have detailed the highlights of the park below for you.

wangcheng parkThe gate of Wangcheng Park looks ancient and solemn.
  • Chinese: 王城公园 Wángchéng Gōngyuán /wung-chnng gong-yuan/ ‘king-city park’
  • Time needed: 2–3 hours
  • Area: 39 hectares (99 acres)
  • Popular activities: see ancient architecture, see flowers, and get close to animals
  • Must-sees : the History and Culture Area, the Peony Admiring Area, and Wangcheng Zoo
  • Suited to: anyone, especially families with kids


The park embodies a fusion of modernity and antiquity. It combines many historic buildings with a modern atmosphere. The structural style of the park is archaistic.

It is the best park for those who appreciate flowers. You can feast your eyes in the park. Different kinds of flowers bloom in each season.

In spring, you can have the chance to see showy peonies. In summer, you can see graceful lotuses. In autumn, you can see beautiful chrysanthemums.

It is a nice place for kids. Wangcheng Park has a zoo and an amusement area. It is the only zoo in western Henan. Many kinds of animals can be seen there.

Top 3 Areas to Go

There is a huge statue called a ding that represents a ceremonial vessel near the entrance. The gate looks ancient and solemn with red walls and glazed tiles.

Wangcheng Park is composed of the History and Culture area, the Peony Admiring Area, the Peony Culture Area, Wangcheng Zoo, and the Amusement Area.

1. The History and Culture Area

You can see the architectural style of the Zhou Dynasty (1046–221 BC) in this area. Chenxiang Pavilion is one of the main features of Wangcheng Park, covering an area of more than 800 square meters (8,600 square feet) with a height of 22 meters (72 feet).

It is the highest and most magnificent ancient building remaining in Luoyang.

Another attraction in this area is Shaoyue Terrace. Shaoyue was a kind of ancient court music. The terrace was built to reproduce the style and features of architecture from the Zhou Dynasty.

Shaoyue Terrace is equipped with classical national instruments, such as chimes and guzheng (long zither with 16 to 16 strings), which are played for tourists.

Each site in this area reveals the unique glamour of the Zhou Dynasty.

beautiful peoniesYou can see many beautiful peonies in Wangcheng Park.

2. The Peony Admiring Area

It is the most popular and attractive area in Wangcheng Park. It has more than 10,000 peony trees of 858 different types. Many good varieties of peonies at home and abroad are cultivated there.

Gorgeous peonies with magical colors, such as black, purple, white, blue, green, and combinations of colors, flourish in the park. Especially during the period when the flowers are in bloom, the whole area is decorated with beautiful peonies.

It served as the venue for the first Luoyang Peony Festival and as the main venue for the successive peony festivals every year. During this festival, there is a big lantern fair in the evening.

When night falls, all the lanterns are lit. The whole park is flooded with glitzy light, which is fantastic to see.

3. Wangcheng Zoo

Located in the north of Wangcheng Park, the zoo has 62 species of wild animals, including giant pandas, South China tigers, Siberian tigers, leopards, and red-crowned cranes, as well as rare foreign animals, such as African elephants, white rhinos, chimpanzees, and kangaroos.

The biggest attraction in the zoo is the South China tigers. The zoo is one of the most important breeding bases for this species. The total number of South China tigers in the zoo is 23, ranking first in China.

All animals are well cared for in the zoo.

Best Times to Go

Mid-April is the best time to see all kinds of peonies in Luoyang. Between April 15th and 25th, the peonies are in full bloom, generally reaching their peak.

If you are a peony-lover, you shouldn’t miss this chance to enjoy the beauty of the peonies.

It may be a bit crowded during the Luoyang Peony Festival. We suggest a workday for visiting, but don’t worry about going during weekends. Your guide will arrange a ticket and private car in advance for you so that you won’t get caught up in the crowds.

If you want to enjoy an idyllic holiday, September is a good time for a visit. With fewer crowds and beautiful views in the park, you will feel refreshed.

Travel Essentials for Planning a Tour

  • Admission: free (excluding the zoo’s 15 yuan ticket)
  • Open: 6am–9pm
  • Location: 322 Zhongzhou W Road, Xigong District, Luoyang

The Luoyang Peony Festival

  • Admission: 10 yuan Mondays to Fridays, 30 yuan weekends and public holidays (including zoo admission); the lantern show is 15 yuan
  • Dates: early April to Early May

How to Get There

It is about 12 kilometers (7 miles) from Luoyang Longmen Railway Station to Wangcheng Park, which is about 30 minutes’ drive.

Alternatively, you can take bus 9, 10, 11, 15, 19, 28, 30, 32, 40, 50, 59, 101, 102, or 103 and get off at Wangcheng Park.

Nearby Attraction

Luoyang Museum: It is the only comprehensive history museum in Luoyang and displays some precious treasures. It is about 20 minutes’ drive from Wangcheng Park to Luoyang Museum.

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