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Macau Tower

Macau Tower, the tenth tallest sightseeing tower in the world, is a member of the World Federation of Great Towers .

It combines sightseeing, a movie theater, a conference center, revolving restaurant, games machines and adventurous activities like the world's tallest buggy jump.

Visitor Activities

  • Dining, especially at 360° Café
  • Watch movies in the theater
  • Shopping on the ground level
  • Gaming at Tiger Slots
  • Adventure: mast climb, climbing wall, Sky Jump, Skywalk and Bungy Jump


Macau Tower Macau Tower

Macau Tower (Portuguese: Torre Panoramica), measuring 338 meters (1,109 feet) from ground level to the highest point, is taller than the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Soar up to 233 meters (764 feet) above the ground using one of the three high-speed glass-fronted lifts, where an unforgettable vista awaits you at the observation decks. The 360°Café is Macau's highest revolving restaurant, offering a sumptuous buffet that caters to all tastes and an amazing view in all directions.

Adventurous Activities

For those who prefer a thrilling experience, Macau Tower has five activities for you. Visitors can conquer Macau's highest summit (at 338 meters) and stand at the top of the tower by climbing 100 meters (328 feet) up the mast's vertical ladders, have a thrilling walk around the outer rim of the tower (233 meters above ground) with no handrail to cling to, or be a part of a Guinness World Record by taking the world's highest buggy jump from the 233-meter-tall platform. There is also the 233-meter Sky Jump to the ground below and a 32-meter (105-foot) climbing wall.

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