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Macau Food

Macau Food

Written by GavinUpdated Jan. 27, 2021

In Macau, tourists can enjoy both Chinese and western style food. Chinese food is characterized by Guangdong Cuisine, Sichuan Cuisine, Shanghai Cuisine, and Chaozhou Cuisine, etc. But Guangdong Cuisine is the most popular; in almost every district, especially in the communities where people from Chinese mainland concentrate, you will find a lot of restaurants or eateries featuring Guangdong Cuisine. Both the meals and soups taste essentially the same as those served on the Chinese mainland.

Western food in Macau is characterized by the styles of Portugal, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asian Countries. Since Macau was ruled by the Portuguese for over 400 years, it influenced the food culture quite deeply. Therefore, the most representative of local food is Portuguese Cuisine and tourists in Macau should never miss it.

Portuguese food in Macau can be further divided into two styles, namely, the original Portuguese style and Macau-Portuguese style. When the original Portuguese food was improved and adapted for Chinese consumers, it evolved into Macau-Portuguese style, combining the food cultures of various countries and regions at the same time. Famous dishes include Majie Fish, Portuguese Chicken, Green Vegetable Soup, and Portuguese-Style Custard tart, etc.

Macau is a customs-free port. Most of the drinks, such as wine, alcohol, champagne, and famous Portuguese Porto, are sometimes cheaper than those sold in Portugal. Portuguese wine together with Portuguese Cuisine can offer you the best exotic flavor from the country in Southwest Europe.

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Special Local Food and Drinks

Crab Stir-fried with Curry

Crab Stir-fried with Curry is a delicious local dish. The cooking method is: stir-fry the curry until you can smell its aroma; add into it some vegetable soup and mix them into Kali juice; put the juice onto fresh crabs and stir-fry them together. The finished dish tastes very fresh and aromatic. Many people from Hong Kong are so attracted by this famous local dish that they specially come to Macau to enjoy a taste of it.

Majiexiu Salty Fish

This is a very famous and original Portuguese dish. It is in fact a kind of salty fish favored by most Portuguese. It has many cooking methods, such as baking, broiling, stewing, and steaming. It will taste fantastic when stir-fried with some fresh potato slices.

Portugal Chicken

It is one of the major dishes in Portugal. This dish combines the diet culture of India and Africa, and is characterized by freshness and lasting aroma.

Green Vegetable Soup

Green Vegetable Soup is a special and unique Portuguese dish. It is cooked with potato jelly, Portugal-produced sausage, and lettuce.

Portuguese-Style Custardtart

Portuguese-Style Custard tart is the most favored and popular snack of Portugal. It especially emphasizes the cooking technique and widely favored by local consumers and tourists.

Featured Restaurants

There are many restaurants in Dangzai and Luhuan Island. Some of them are quite famous in serving various styles, such as Chinese Style, Macau Style, and Portuguese Style.

Dangzai Puppet Restaurant

To have a taste of original Portuguese food or pure Macau dish, tourists can go to Dangzai Puppet Restaurant. It is located in the urban area of Dangzai Island and enjoys convenient transportation.

  • Address: No. 4, Dangzai Ritou Road; Tele: 827128
  • Chain Shop: Rooster Restaurant ; Address: No. 45, Dangzai Muduo Road; Tele: 827318

Fengjing Restaurant

Fengjing Restaurant has a long history of over 100 years. It is visited by numerous tourists and merchants who gather at the long corridor of the restaurant to enjoy tea or delicious food. Fengjing Restaurant is located at the foot of Wangyang Mount and adjacent to the seascape of Nanwan Gulf. The restaurant is well equipped and decorated, offering you more comfort and luxuries. All the rooms on the top floor are luxury suits and the dining hall has been expanded. The long corridor now extends to three directions, bringing more wonderful sceneries to you.

Besides, there is Jinlong Restaurant which offers Portuguese style food. Tourists should never miss it.

  • Address: Shipaiwan Park
  • Tele: 827508

Italian Restaurant

Italian Restaurant, as its name implies, is famous for food of Italian style. It used to be run and colonized by Mosanbi, a part of Portugal. Now it still retains the cooking styles of both Macau people and Portuguese. Tourists in Mosanbi Restaurant (No. 8, Dangzai Island; Tele: 827471) can also taste some of the special food offered in Italian Restaurant.

  • Address: No. 46, Guanyejie Street, Dangzai Island
  • Tele: 827387

Yafengsu Restaurant and Honghe Restaurants in Kaiyue Hotel are good choices to have a taste of the local food. Honghe Restaurant is decorated with Mediterranean flavor; a swimming pool beside adds more romance to the restaurant and offers you both fantastic scenery and comfort.

Close to Kaiyue Restaurant, Puti Buddhist Temple is equipped with a vegetarian dining room open to public all over the year. It serves fresh and tasty food to visitors. Most cooking ingredients are grown in the garden of the temple and the vegetable dish here are very popular and widely favored.

Besides, Jinlong Restaurant, which is located at the Shipaiwan Park of Luhuan Island, is also very famous for its wonderful environment and supply of original Portuguese food.  Tourists there can taste the original delicacies of Portugal flavor and other western-style dishes. If you are interested in traditional Chinese food, Biyao Restaurant in the urban area of Luhuan Island is a good choice.

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