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Nagqu's attractions are mainly related to its magnificent natural landscapes formed with lakes, grasslands and snow mountains. Lake Namtso, the salt-water lake at the highest altitude in the world, provides visitors with picturesque landscapes with the snowy mountains surrounding it. In Nagqu, visitors can also experience unique Tibetan customs. If you are interested in Nagqu, China Highlights can help you to design your own tour of Nagqu.

Most Popular Nagqu Attractions


Tibet is well known as the location in China with the most hot springs, and Yambajan hosts some of the most spectacular ones in the area. This gorgeous natural site is one of the most magical and impressiv..

Lake Namtso

Namtso, Tibetan for ‘Heavenly Lake’, is often described as being next to heaven because of its lofty altitude, stunning beauty, pure blue water, and spiritual associations. It is the highest saltwate..

Changtang Grassland

The Changtang Grassland in Nagqu, Northern Tibet is some of the most beautiful high desert in the world. With sheer crags, verdant prairie and pristine turquoise lakes, these vast highlands extend 1,600 kil..

Rongma Murals and Hot Spring

When traveling in Tibet, consider visiting Nagqu and the Rongma Murals and Hot Spring. Hidden in the mountains near Rongma, the ancient murals, etched into stone, are a beautiful and unique sight to behold..

Damxung Ancient Cave Mural Paintings

Visiting Tibet is an opportunity to see amazing cultural wonders. The Damxung cave murals give a window into the ancient culture of the region. The caves and ancient murals are in Nagqu Prefecture, north of..