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Rongma Murals and Hot Spring

When traveling in Tibet, consider visiting Nagqu and the Rongma Murals and Hot Spring. Hidden in the mountains near Rongma, the ancient murals, etched into stone, are a beautiful and unique sight to behold. Observe how the pictures change over the course of the day. The healing hot spring is a natural wonder that must be experienced to be fully appreciated. Bathe in the bubbling water surrounded by natural steam to refresh you body and relax your mind.

The Rongma Murals

In the picturesque mountains in Rongma County, just outside of Rongma, Nagqu, is the beautiful mural on Mount Galin. The mural on Mount Galin is the most famous of the Rongma rock art murals.

The Rongma murals are exquisite, ancient detailed murals, etched in stone. Interestingly, the pictures displayed on the murals, particularly the etchings on the Mural on Jialin Mountain, will change colors and shapes with changes in the time of day, as well as changes in the seasons.

The Rongma Hot Spring

The Rongma Hot Spring is a collection of naturally warm springs that span over hundreds of kilometers. From the hot spring emerges warm ground water that is geothermically heated by the Earth’s crust. Steamed air circulates around the hot spring to enhance the natural spa-like experience.

The healing waters from the hot spring are renowned among the Tibetan people to cure skin diseases and arthritis. Dip in the hot spring to experience the natural healing powers of the warm, flowing waters. Breathe in the clean, calming, naturally-steaming air that surrounds the spring. You will be totally invigorated from the experience.

Visit the mountains of Rongma County to see the extravagant collection of ancient murals, and bathe in the hot springs, during your trip to Tibet. Tours can be customized or tailor-made to include the attractions you want to visit.

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