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Nanchang Travel Guide


Nanchang, the capital city of Jiangxi Province, is situated on the bank of the Yangtze River, and serves as the center of the provincial politics, economy, culture, science, education, commerce, and transportation.

Nanchang was established in 202 BC as a city. With over 2000 years of history, Nanchang is a famous historical and cultural city in China.

Nanchang, as a renowned revolutionary base in China, is the place where "August 1 Nanchang Uprising" took place. Since then the city has been praised as the rising place of red army flags. Besides, Nanchang is famous for its numerous natural attractions and rich tourist resources. Places of historical and cultural interest blend with beautiful natural scenery. Inside the city many rivers flow through and form a waterway network. There are four artificial lakes inside the city, which are West Lake, South Lake, North Lake and East Lake.

Famous tourist attractions in Nanchang include Teng Wang Pavilion, Poyang Lake, Mount Lushan and Mount Jinggangshan.

Travel tips

1. Nanchang has hot summers and cold winters. The best time to visit Nanchang is in spring or autumn, when the weather is the most pleasant of the year.
2. Local dishes in Nanchang are quite spicy. Please inform the restaurant or your tour guide when ordering dishes, if you cannot eat spicy food.
3. It is colder and damper on the mountain than in the city, please pack more clothes for change. Bring raincoats or umbrellas during rainy seasons.
4. Wear skid-proof shoes and sun protection when climbing mountains.

Shopping in Nanchang

Shopping Streets

The major shopping streets in Nanchang are Fuzhou Road (福州路), Zhongshan Road (中山路) (Nanchang’s traditional commercial center), Shengli Road (胜利路), Minde Road (民德路) (a street of tea and relative products and wares), Xiangshan Road (象山路) and Bayi Avenue (八一大道); In addition, there are some famous traditional shopping streets, such as Wanshou Palace Street (万寿宫街) and Lady Street (女人街), selling inexpensive products.

Local Products

There are mainly 3 famous local products, which are Jiangxi Paper Fan, Nanchang Porcelain Portrait and Poyang Lake Whitebait.

Jiangxi Paper Fan

Jiangxi Paper Fan has three types, black-and-white paper fan, grease-proof paper fan and silk fan, using bamboo as the frame. Every bamboo frame must be cut thin and light with equal length and uniform colors. Some are embossed with different patterns to give it an artistic look. Made with skillful craftsmanship, the paper fans are rain-proof and durable. They can be used as a shelter from rain and sun.

Nanchang Porcelain Portrait

Porcelain portrait has a long history and features strong contrasting colors and ethnic style. The making of porcelain portraits goes through strict procedures. First the outline of a portrait is sketched on the white unburned brick, after careful drawing, a layer of transparent glaze is brushed on it. Finally the semi-finished portraits are put into a firing kiln. In this way, the porcelain portrait is covered and protected by a layer of glaze, which protects it from dampness and strong sunlight and makes it durable.

Poyang Lake Whitebait

Whitebaits produced in Poyang Lake are a popular product in China. Poyang Lake, with a vast water surface and many rocks under water, provides a suitable natural environment for whitebaits. Whitebait is a small fish, with a slender body, silvery color and smooth touch. When dried the fish is white and transparent. It is nutritious with tender meat containing high level of protein.

Popular Nanchang Food

Local snacks: Crispy fried rice crust (家乡锅巴), spicy hotchpotch (Ma La Tang, 麻辣烫), Nanchang rice noodle (南昌米粉) and fried dough twists (石头街麻花)

Spicy Hotchpotch

Spicy hotchpotch is a kind of snack. On an oven sits a big pot with soup stock, in which strings of all kinds of meat and vegetables are boiled. After cooked, they are put into a plate and many seasonings can be added according to personal likes.

Nanchang rice noodles

Nanchang rice noodle is a popular traditional local snack. High-quality rice is used as the main raw material. To make such rice noodle needs lots of processes. They can be made into cool braised noodles, fried noodles or boiled noodles, and many seasonings are added, such as ginger, garlic, sesame oil and soy sauce, as well as local peopls’ the favorite, pepper powder and chili.

Food Street

Ruzi Road (孺子路) is the most popular food street in Nanchang. Numerous restaurants cater to different budgets and tastes.

Tips: Local dishes in Nanchang are quite spicy. Please inform the restaurant or your tour guide when ordering dishes, if you cannot eat spicy food.