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 Nanchang Restaurants

Nanchang Restaurants

Written by Kelly PangUpdated Aug. 25, 2021

Jia Chang Fan

If you want to relish the pure Jiangxi style dishes in Nanchang, Jia Chang Fan must be a nice choice. The dishes there are cooked in home style, being clean and affordable in price. Steamed ribs with sticky rice (糯香排骨), Nanchang style stir-fried rice noodles (南昌炒米粉), fish hliets in hot chili oil (水煮鱼), New Year cake with sweet-scented osmanthus (桂花年糕), sizzling weever steak (铁板鲈鱼) and stir-fried mutton with green onions (葱爆羊肉) are several dishes highly recommended by customers having been there. Guests wanting to go there in weekends are advised to book in advance.

  • Chinese name: 家常饭 Jia Chang Fan /jyah chung fan/
  • Average price per person: 43 yuan
  • Address: 141 Ruzi Road, Donghu District (东湖区孺子路141号)
  • Tel: 0791-6300960, 6256266

There is a branch in Hongcheng Road.

  • Average price per person: 47 yuan
  • Address: 659 Hongcheng Road, Xihu District (西湖区洪城路659号)
  • Tel: 0791-6533777, 6533222

0791 New Concept Gan Cuisine

It is the most popular restaurant in Nanchang, serving delicious Jiangxi style dishes (also known as Gan Cuisine). Being good in color, fragrance, and taste, the price for the dishes there is affordable. Steamed fish head with diced hot red peppers (剁椒鱼头) is the most popular dish, being tender and light spicy. Stir-fried smoked pork with Lihao (黎蒿,a kind of edible wild herb) is fragrant with fresh vegetable and smoked meat. Cake with white sugar (白糖糕), stir-fried New Year cake with sweet-scented osmanthus (桂花炒年糕), cuttlefish cooked with pickled pepper (泡椒墨鱼仔), tofu cooked with crab cream (蟹黄豆腐), stir-fried frog (干锅田鸡), roast duck (片皮鸭) and spare ribs steamed with sticky rice (糯米排骨) are also worthy to try.

  • Chinese name: 0791 赣菜新概念 0791 Gancai Xin Gainian /0791 gan-tseyey xin geye-nyen/
  • Average price per person: 53 yuan
  • Address: 55 Fuzhou Road, Donghu District (东湖区福州路55号)
  • Tel: 0791-6263333, 6273333

Chengdu Dandan Noodle

Dandan noodle (担担面) is Sichuan style noodles cooked with peppery sauce. It is really affordable to eat a bowl of noodles in this small restaurant. The spicy noodles cooked with fragrant pepper sauce, and served with minced meat and red pepper oil. The restaurant serves sweet mung bean soup and meatball soup cooked in a crock. Except Dandan noodle, Dandan rice noodle is available, too.

  • Chinese name: 成都担担面 Chengdu Dandan Mian /chnng-doo dan-dan myen/
  • Average price per person: 7 yuan
  • Address: on the opposite side of Taoyuan Food Market, 21 Taoyuan Middle Road, Xihu District (西湖区桃苑中路21号桃苑菜场对面)

New Orient Hotel

It should be one of the highest grade restaurants in Nanchang. The restaurant is quite near Tengwang Pavilion (滕王阁), facing to Gan River (赣江), guests can enjoy nice views when having dinner in the restaurant. The restaurant mainly serves Cantonese cuisine (which is famous for being good at cooking soups and the dishes are well kept with the original taste of ingredients). Jiangxi style dishes are available.

  • Chinese name: 新东方大酒店 Xin Dongfang Da Jiudian /xin dong-fung daa jyoh-dyen/
  • Average price per person: 109 yuan
  • Address: 18 Binjiang South Road, Donghu District (东湖区滨江南路18号)
  • Tel: 0791-6709999

Zunpin Steak

If you want to eat steak in Nanchang, Zunpin Steak should be the first recommended restaurant. There are various sets meal for guests’ choice, serving with delicious staple food, milk tea, bread, salad, mousse cake and fresh fruites.

  • Chinese name: 尊品牛排 Zunpin Niupai /dswnn-pin nyoh-peye/
  • Average price per person: 51 yuan
  • Address: 299 Guangchang East Road, Donghu District (东湖区广场东路299号)
  • Tel: 0791-6665066, 6665077

There is a branch near Cultural Palace (文化宫).

  • Average price per person: 47 yuan
  • Address: 248 Xiangshan North Road, Donghu District (东湖区象山北路248号)
  • Tel: 0791-6771870

Golden Hans

It is a new western cafeteria opened in 2010. Barbecue is the highlight there; the main ingredients are beef, mutton, chicken wings, sausages and vegetables. Steak, deserts, beverage and fruits are available.

  • Chinese name: 金汉斯 Jin Han Si /jin han see/
  • Average price per person: 45 yuan
  • Address: Floor 1-2, Building 17, Hengmao International City, 205 Guangchang South Road, Donghu Road (东湖区广场南路205号恒茂国际华城17栋1-2楼)
  • Opening hours: 11am–2pm and 5pm–10pm (4:30pm–10pm in weekends)
  • Transportation: Take bus 205, 215, 220 or 231 and get off at Bayi Square (八一广场).

Vegetarian Restaurants

Nanchang has plenty of vegetarian restauratns.

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