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Nanchang Vegetarian Restaurants

Donghu District

Nandu Vegetarian Restaurant

It is the first vegetarian restaurant in Nanchang. There are more than 100 kinds of vegetarian dishes. With health orientated and environmentally friendly concepts as the basic principle, the Nandu Vegetarian Restaurant spares no effort to provide delicious dishes for the customers with excellent cooking skills. It is decorated elegantly and the environment is great. Besides, the waiters and waitresses are very considerate and enthusiastic. The dishes have a relatively light taste. It is also very clean, giving you a comfortable sensation as you dine.

Chinese name: 南都素膳坊 Nandu Sushi Fan

Recommended dishes: stewed Matsutake with bamboo fungus (竹荪炖姬松茸), Kafu crisp “spare ribs” (卡夫香酥排, fried bean products with a meat taste), steamed needle mushrooms with flour (粉蒸金针菇), steamed mushrooms with Cordycep flower (菌菇炖虫草花), Mi’le Small Bag (弥勒小布袋, fried tofu and eggs with a sauce), fried shredded “abalone” (小炒龙鲍丝, fried noodles with vegetables), stewed vegetarian “mutton” (锅仔素羊肉, tofu and potatoes with a mutton taste), Tianmu hand peeled bamboo (天目手剥笋)

  • Average price per person: 80 yuan
  • Opening hours: 10:30am – 1:30pm, 4:30pm – 8:30pm
  • Address: 51 Erjing Road, Donghu District (东湖区二经路51号)
  • Tel: 0791-86837166
  • Transportation:
  • 1. Take Bus 33 and get off at the military region of Jiangxi Province (省军区)
  • 2. Take Bus 25 or 230 and get off at the Sanjing Road exit (三经路口)

Qingxin Vegetarian Restaurant Huanhu Road Branch

It is a place which can surprise you. There are two main kinds of dishes: one is vegetarian cuisine and the other is meat-like vegetarian cuisine. The dishes are served in the style of Western food, following environmentally friendly concepts. There are also a lot of books provided about health and environmental protection and you can read these books while you are waiting for the dishes. The decoration is special with different styles for each region. The amount of dishes is abundant and the prices are reasonable. Besides, this restaurant also offers you a sense of being at home; it is very warm and comfortable.

Chinese name: 清心素食 (环湖路店) Qingxin Sushi Huanghu Lu Dian

Recommended dishes: Jianghu perch “fish” (江湖鲈鱼, gluten and bean products with the appearance and taste of fish), vegetarian “fish” (素鱼, water gluten with the appearance and taste of fish), braised “meat” balls in soy sauce (红烧狮子头, dried tofu and white gourd with a meat taste), fried flowering cabbage (炒菜心), vegetarian “chicken” (素鸡, bean products with a chicken taste), stewed mushrooms and dried shiitake mushrooms (双菇烩)

  • Average price per person: 44 yuan
  • Opening hours: 10am – 12am
  • Address: 101 Huanhu Road, Donghu District (东湖区环湖路101号), near to Huanhu Hotel (环湖宾馆)
  • Tel: 0791-88855068
  • Transportation:
  • Take Bus 3, 18 (inner ring line), 18 (outer ring line), 26 (inner ring line), 26 (outer ring line), 27, 28 or 305 and get off at Dunzitang (墩子塘)

Qingshanhu District

Qingxin Vegetarian Restaurant Nanjing East Road Branch

  • Chinese name: 清新素食南京路店 Qingxin Sushi Nanjing Lu Dian
  • Average price per person: 62 yuan
  • Opening hours: 11am – 9pm
  • Address: 165 Qingshanhu District (青山湖区165号), near to No.23 Middle School (二十三中)
  • Tel: 0791-88112102
  • Transportation:
  • Take Bus 10, 11, 12, 13, 202, 202 (inner ring line) or 208 (outer ring line) and get off at the Science Academy of Jiangxi Province (省科院)

Hometown Taste Vegetarian Restaurant

The dishes are mainly made up of wild vegetables, mushrooms, bamboo and bean products; they are very healthy and delicious. The environment is elegant and comfortable. Looking through the window, you can see the beautiful lake scenery. Most of the dishes have a spicy taste, which are highly spoken of by the customers. The prices are also economical.

Chinese name: 素菜馆家乡味 Sucai Guan Jiaxiang Wei

Recommended dishes: sizzling “sea bass” (铁板鲈鱼, gluten and bean products with the appearance and taste of fish), fried glutinous dumplings (油炸汤圆), fried bamboo fungus (炒竹荪), stewed dried bamboo shoots and mushrooms (竹荪炖香菇), mushroom and fungus soup (菌菇汤), fried broccoli with mashed garlic (蒜泥西兰花), fried tofu in a pot (锅仔豆腐)

  • Average price per person: 50 yuan
  • Opening hours: 10am – 10pm
  • Tel: 0791-7109592
  • Address: 1286 Shunwai Road, Qingshanhu District (青山湖区顺外路1286号)
  • Transportation:
  • Take Bus 28, 110 (Yaohu Line), 215, 231 (inner ring line), 231 (outer ring line), 258, 537 (one-way traffic line), or 538 (one-way traffic line) and get off at the east exit of Shunwai Road