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Zifeng Tower — Nanjing's Tallest Building

The Zifeng TowerThe Zifeng Tower

The Zifeng Tower is a very tall skyscraper that won an award for design. Unlike many skyscrapers that look the same all around, it has an intricate design that looks quite differently from every side. It merges with and accentuates the beauty of the ancient and modern architecture all around it. It is interesting since it also changes appearance according to the lighting and time of day.


  • Chinese: 紫峰大廈 (Purple Peak Tower) pinyin: Zǐfēng dàshà
  • Height: 458 meters (1,503 feet), 89 floors
  • Built: 2005–2010
  • Cost: 5 billion RMB (750 million USD)
  • Observation floor: 72nd floor (272 meters, 892 feet)
  • Award: 2012 Best International Project Over $150 Million by Structural Engineers Association of Illinois
  • Special features: China's 6th tallest building and world's 13th tallest building (2015), Intercontinental Hotel, luxury mall

Complex Design To Suit the Context

Nanjing is famous in China as a former ancient capital with a profound history and ancient architecture. The architects wanted to highlight the rich history of the city and allow Zifeng Tower to merge well into the city center with a traditional pagoda on one side and modern buildings on the other. The complex design that allows the building to sit well in context from every angle.

Special Tourist Highlights

Top floor restaurants: Tourists can enjoy Chinese and Western gourmet restaurants, and on the roof there are nightclubs and a swimming pool and garden.

Tallest in Nanjing: The building stands out with only a few new buildings reaching the 300 to 400 meter level. Several other high buildings are currently being built about a kilometer away in Nanjing's new central business district.

Ritzy Intercontinental Hotel: You might enjoy a stay here at the hotel in the 49 to 71 floors. There are 500 rooms.

Big ritzy mall: There is a luxury mall in the first six floors.

Travel Essentials

China Highlights private transportChina Highlights can help you have a smooth Nanjing trip.
  • Address: 1 Zhongyang Road, Gulou District
  • Subway transport: Line 1, Gulou Station

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