Nanjing Restaurants

Nanjing Restaurants

By Kelly PangUpdated May. 17, 2021

Local Restaurants

Fang Man Ting Shanghai Style Cuisine

The restaurant serves typical Shanghai-style dishes which are light sweet. The three-floor restaurant is a villa with typical old Shanghai style. All the waitresses there are in chipaur. Braised pork in brown sauce (红烧肉), rice cake with Babao sauce (八宝酱年糕), fried shrimp (油爆虾), stir-fried wild rice shoots (油焖茭白), sweet and sour spare ribs (糖醋小排), Jipin beef (极品牛肉), Sanhuang chicken (三黄鸡), little yellow croaker cooked with tofu (小黄鱼烧豆腐) and smoked fish (熏鱼) are several recommended dishes.

Xuan Palace

The revolving restaurant maily serves Jiangsu-style dishes, with the most popular dishes are roast sucking pig (烤乳猪), stir-fried bamboo fungus (烩竹荪) and abalone (鲍鱼). It is good dinning environment with five-star level, customers can over look the full view of Nanjing there.

Jiang Yan Building

The restaurant is decorated in traditional Chinese style, serving exquisite dishes with light taste. Balloon fish is the special dish, with fine and smooth fish meat. Soup cooked with large meatballs and clams (河蚌狮子头汤) is fresh. Other recommended dishes are braised calf ribs with potato (小土豆烧牛仔骨), stir-fried bullfrog (馋嘴牛蛙), steamed sausage with dried tofu (香肠蒸干丝), dough balls (面疙瘩) and Shanghai Benbang smoked fish (上海本帮熏鱼).

Xiao Chuniang Green Dragon Mountain Villa

The restaurant mainly serves Nanjing-style dishes (Jiangsu-style dishes) and Zhejiang-style dishes, and dishes there are cooked in home style. Braised fish in brown sauce (红烧杂鱼), egg dumplings cooked with radish strips in casserole (蛋饺萝卜丝砂锅) and braised balloon fish in brown sauce (红烧河豚) are several most popular dishes there. The environment there is quite well surrounding by green mountains and clean water, and the workers plant vegetables on private lpot. However, it is really a little difficult to find it.

Zhang Mansion No.1 Hotel

The restaurant is decorated in European palace style, mainly serving Nanjing-style fishes (Jiangsu-style dishes). The ingredients of most dishes are from rivers, and some western food is also available. Braised soft-shelled turtle in brown sauce (红烧甲鱼), balloon fish (河豚) and crab legs cooked with broad beans (蚕豆蟹腿) are three dishes highly recommended by customers having been there.

Shanghai Night

The restaurant mainly serves Nanjing-style (Jiangsu-style) dishes and Shanghai-style dishes, such as seafood, minced green soya bean (青豆泥), fish head teamed in pot (鱼头煲) and braised cuttlefish (墨鱼大烤). The dishes there have light taste. Due to the nice position, customers can enjoy the beautiful lake when having dinners there.

Meiyuan Restaurant

Meiyuan Restaurant mainly serves Nanjing-style dishes, and the popular dishes are boiled salted duck (盐水鸭), bean starch sheets cooked with crab cream (蟹黄粉皮), seafood soup served with crisp (酥皮海鲜汤), marinated mushroom (卤冬菇) and large meatballs cooked with crab cream (蟹粉狮子头).

Yue Hong He

The restaurant has nice dinning environment, serving Cantonese style dishes, which are exquisite in both appearance and cooking. Fish served there has been taken off fish bones. Crackling young pigeon (脆皮乳鸽), crispy durian cake (榴莲酥) and assorted seafood with vermicelli en casserole (海鲜粉丝煲) are the most popular dishes.

Prince Restaurant

The restaurant mainly serves Cantonese style dishes, with quite good decoration and dinning environment. Every private room is equipped with sofa, TV and washing room. The dishes there are both exquisite in appearance and taste. Some highly recommended dishes are Chinese forest frog cooked with pawpaw (木瓜雪蛤), goose webs in abalone sauce (鲍汁鹅掌), pleurotus nebrodenis in abalone sauce (鲍汁灵菇), goose liver (鹅肝), calf ribs (牛仔骨) and chicken and fin soup (浓汤鸡煲翅).

Hai Di Lao Hot Pot

It is a very popular hot pot restaurant in Nanjing, and there are several branch restaurants in other streets of Nanjing. Some highly popular ingredients for hot pot are mashed shrimp (虾滑), sweet-sour plum juice (酸梅汤), mashed beef (滑牛), Kung Fu noodles (功夫面), mashed cuttlefish (翡翠墨鱼滑), tender mutton (嫩羊肉), needle mushroom (金针菇), duck blood (鸭血), shrimp meatball (虾丸), juicy beef ball (撒尿牛丸), tender beef (嫩牛肉), frozen tofu (冻豆腐) and bovine stomach (毛肚). The services there are very scrupulous: the servers may give you a mobile phone cover to protect customer’s mobile phone, or give a lady a hair band to band the hair, so that she can enjoy the hot pot more comfortable.

New Century Branch (新世纪店)

Longyuan West Road Branch (龙园西路店)

Saishang Ren Jia

The restaurant has simple decoration, serving Muslim dishes, such as mutton eaten by hands (手抓羊肉), braised chicken with potato and green pepper (大盘鸡), mutton kekabs (羊肉串), braised noodles (烩面) and beef cooked in pot (牛肉锅仔).

Chinese name: 赛上人家 Sai Shang Renjia /seye shung ren-jyah/
Average price per person: 40 yuan
Address: 55 Weigang, Xuanwu District (玄武区卫岗55号)
Tel: 025-8443 5770

Himalaya Nepalese & Indian Restaurant

The restaurant mainly serves Nepalese and Indian style food. Being decorated with unique ornaments and photos taken in Nepal and India by the boss, the restaurant show guests the conditions and customs in Nepal and India. Curry chicken (咖喱鸡) and cheese hotcake (芝士烤饼) are the most popular two kinds of food there. Shrimp cooked with sesame seeds and coconut juice (椰香芝麻虾), mango yoghourt (芒果酸奶), roast mutton (香烤羊肉), Indian style spicy vegetable (尼式辣味时蔬) and yoghurt ice cream (酸奶冰淇淋) are other kinds of recommended food.

Western Restaurants


The restaurant has good dinning environment and high-quality services. Bright seats nearby windows and privates rooms are all available there. Highly recommended food is steak, shark’s lip collagen soup (鱼唇胶原浓汤), filet steak, bread, snail soup, salad with rare beef and pumpkin pudding.

Mai Tribe

Many customers having been there regard Mai Tribe as a mini Pizza Hut. The small restaurant has simple and clean decoration. Honeydew chicken wings (蜜汁鸡翅), mashed potato (土豆泥), roast duck pizza (烤鸭披萨), bacon rolls (培根卷) and tiramisu are several kinds of highly recommended food.

Muslim Restaurants

Nanjing has many Muslim restaurants. We at China Highlights has listed some of the best ones, and you can check out more top Muslim restaurants in Nanjing.

Vegetarian Restaurants

Nanjing also has many vegetarian restaurants. China Highlights has listed some of the best ones, and you can check out more top vegetarian restaurants in Nanjing.

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