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 Nanjing Muslim Restaurants

Nanjing Muslim Restaurants

Written by Kelly PangUpdated Jul. 19, 2023

Xuanwu District

Frontier's People's Restaurant

Frontier's People's Restaurant, one of few Ningxia-style restaurants in Nanjing, primarily serves Muslim dishes with Ningxia-style flavor. Its specialty, plain boiled rack of lamb rack is popular because of its unique taste and fragrance.

The restaurant is adorned with beautiful antique ornaments including and paintings that show aof splendid views of western regions. The wooden tables and chairs, the wooden lamp chimneys, and the soft yellow warm lighting create a natural environment for guests to enjoy meals.

  • Chinese name: 塞上人家 Saishang Renjia
  • Recommended dishes: Xinjiang-style braised chicken (大盘鸡), mutton kebab (羊肉串), braised noodles pieces with vegetables (烩面), fried lamb with cumin (孜然羊肉), beef in mini hotpot (牛肉锅仔), sheet of starch jelly in spicy sauce (大拉皮), sautéed mutton with pickled cabbage (酸菜牛肉), and sautéed shredded potatoes with chili and vinegar sauce (酸辣土豆丝).
  • Average price per person: 43 yuan
  • Opening hours: 11:00-—14:00, 17:00-—21:00
  • Address: 55 Weigang, Zhongshanmen Avenue, Xuanwu District (玄武区中山门大街卫岗55号)
  • Tel: 025-844035770
  • Transportation: Take sSubway Lline 2 and get off at Mu Xu Yuan,, the restaurant is approximately 5-mintue minute walk from there; or take bus 5, 36, 49, 142, 163, 805, or 814, and get off at Weigang (卫岗).

Frontier's People Restaurant Changjiang Road Branch (塞上人家长江路店)

  • Average price per person: 40 yuan
  • Address: 5 Changjiang Road, Xuanwu District (玄武区长江路9号)
  • Tel: 025-84403897
  • Transportation: Take bus 91, 95, or 104, and get off at Fuqiao (Floating Bridge/浮桥).

Baixia District

Aladdin-flavorred Restaurant

Aladdin-flavored Restaurant is not only famous for authentic and tasty Xijiang-style delicacies and barbeques, but also for its Xinjiang-style decorations that show the culture and customs. primarily serves Xinjiang-style dishes and barbeques.

The restaurant is not only famous for its authentic and tasty Xijiang-style delicacies but also for its Xinjiang-style decorations that show an ethnic culture and customs that are fully embodied by thehas sheep' head- shaped wooden carvings, Aladdin's lamp-shaped teapots, Xinjiang folk instruments, Xinjiang scenery pictures, and other ethnic ornaments.

In addition to its ethnic features, the restaurant is also praised for its warm service and clean setting. Moreover, the restaurant provides ethnic singing and dancing entertainment in the evenings.

  • Chinese name: 阿拉丁风味餐厅 Alading Fengwei Canting
  • Recommended dishes: Yyogurt (酸奶), mutton kebab (羊肉串), special-flavored sautéed lamb with naan -bread (风味馕炒肉), Xinjiang-style braised chicken (大盘鸡), roast lamb chops (烤羊排), roasted leg of lamb (烤羊腿), noodles in spicy sauce (拌面), mashed potato with blueberry sauce (蓝莓土豆泥), grenadine juice (石榴汁), grilled buns (烤包子), stir-fried noodles pieces (丁丁炒面), and mutton soup (羊肉汤).
  • Average price per person: 43 yuan
  • Opening hours: 11:00-—14:00, 17:00-—21:00
  • Address: 43 Luolang Lane, Hanzhong Road, Baixia District (白下区汉中路罗廊巷43号)
  • Tel: 025-66035377, 025-66035399
  • Transportation: Take Subway Lline 2, get off at Exit 3 at Shanghai stop, and walk to the first crossroad. The restaurant is approximately 20 meters from there on left.

Muslim Paradise Restaurant

Muslim Paradise Restaurant, with a history of more than 80 years, is one of the five old Muslim restaurants in Nanjing. It primarily serves Muslim dishes and various delicious, cheap snacks.

Located at the foot of Ye Mountain (冶山), covering an area of 2,000 square meters, and structured in the Ming-Qing style, the restaurant looks grand and, luxuriousy, and glorious. Its interiorner decorations isare full of rich in Muslim culture, classical or and modern, creating a pleasant dining atmosphere.

  • Chinese name: 清真安乐园菜馆 Qingzhen Anleyuan Caiguan
  • Recommended dishes: Buns stuffed with beef (牛肉包子), buns stuffed with vegetables (菜包), beef meat balls (牛肉丸子), buns stuffed with red beanm paste (豆沙包), roast lamb chops (烤羊排), buns stuffed filled with beef and juicy soup (牛肉汤包), streamed dumplings (蒸饺), steamed dumplings stuffed with mustard (芥菜蒸饺), roasted leg of lamb (烤羊腿), and beef wontons stuffed with beef (牛肉馄饨).
  • Average price per person: 22 yuan
  • Address: 138 Wangfu Avenue, Biaxia District (白下区王府大街138号)
  • Tel: 025-84200227-130, 025-84206466
  • Transportation: Take bus 43 and get off at Wangfu Dajie (Wangfu Avenue/王府大街), or take bus 43 or 306, and get off at Chaotiangong Dong (east of Chaotian Palace/朝天宫东).

Lee's Muslim Restaurant

Lee's Muslim Restaurant is poplar famous for its specialty, fried dumplings, pot stickers especially pot-sticker stuffed with beef filling. They pot-stickers stuffed with beef are praised for theirits golden color, crispy on the outside, and being deliciously fat rich but not greasy.

The other dishes and snacks are alsogreat, fantastic, and cheap. ; tThe service is quite good, given so that sometimes the restaurant can gets crowded.

  • Chinese name: 李氏清真馆 Lishi Qingzhenguan
  • Recommended dishes: pot-stickerFried dumplings stuffed with beef (牛肉锅贴), wonton wontons stuffed with beef (牛肉馄饨), beef soup (牛肉汤), fried buns stuffed with beef (牛肉煎包), ox sweetbread soup (牛杂汤), marinated beef in spiced sauce (卤牛肉), dried spicy roast beef (牛肉干), plain noodles (阳春面), noodles with beef (牛肉面), and spicy diced bean curd (兰花干).
  • Average price per person: 11 yuan
  • Opening hours: 05:30-—19:30
  • Address: 1 Dading Lane, Pingshi Street, Biaxia District (白下区评事街打钉巷1号)
  • Tel: 025-52257736
  • Transportation: Take bus 4, 7, 23, 35, 37, or 62, and get off at Pingshi Jie (Pingshi Street/评事街), or take bus 43, 128, or 313, and get off at Dingxin Lu (Dingxin Road).

Green Willows Restaurant

Green Willows Restaurant got its name from its the original location among the willows on the Qinhui River. Now the restaurant is well-known for its special-flavored Muslim-style dishes, particularly nutritious vegetarian dishes.

The vegetarian dishes are popular for due to beingfeatures fresh, tender, hot, crisp, and fragrant. Various delicious snacks are provided on the second floor of the five-story restaurant, and guests can have dinners on floors 3-5 which are decorated brightly with its hollowed carved out windows.

  • Chinese name: 绿柳居 Lüv Liu Ju
  • Recommended dishes: Bbuns stuffed with vegetables (素菜包), pot-stickerfried beef dumplings stuffed with beef (牛肉锅贴), sliced lotus roots in honey sauce (蜜汁糖藕), deep-fried dried bean curd stuffed with thin mushrooms and carrots (素烧鹅), buns with diced chicken, beef, and green asparagus (三丁包), wontons stuffed with beef (牛肉馄饨), deep-fried dried bean curd stuffed with dried black mushrooms and black fungus (素烧鸭), fried buns stuffed with beef (牛肉煎包), stir-fried vegetables (罗汉观斋), and marinated dried bean curd in spiced sauce (回卤干).
  • Average price per person: 24 yuan
  • Opening hours: 07:00 — 20:00
  • Address: 248 Taiping South Road, Biaxia District (白下区太平南路248号)
  • Tel: 025-86644171, 025-86643644
  • Transportation: Take bus 1, Travel 2, 15, 31, 80, 313, 801, or 802, and get off at Yanggong Jing (Bei) (Yanggong Well (North)/杨公井(北)).

Gulou District

Maxiangxing Restaurant

Founded in 1845, Maxiangxing Restaurant is the first and oldest Muslim restaurant in Nanjing. The restaurant has developed its reputation through its tasty and authentic Muslim food and snacks, great ethnic decorations, and good service.

Covering an area of nearly 3,000 square meters, the four-story restaurant looks grand because of its Muslim-style architecture that shows its ethnic features; it also looks modern because of its fantastic gourd-shaped pendent lamps and its hollowedcarved out windows. The restaurant's comfortable, neat, and tidy environment provides a pleasant and warm dining atmosphere.

  • Chinese name: 马祥兴菜馆 Ma Xiang Xing Caiguan
  • Recommended dishes: pot-stickerFried beef dumplings stuffed with beef (牛肉锅贴), steamed dumplings stuffed with egg (蛋烧卖), deep-fried squirrel-shaped fish in sweet and sour sauce (松鼠鱼), buns stuffed filled with beef juicy and soup (牛肉汤包), wontons stuffed with beef (牛肉馄饨), fried buns stuffed with beef (牛肉煎包), noodles with beef (牛肉面), fried phoenix-tailed prawns (凤尾虾), boiled salt duck with salt (盐水鸭), and beef soup (牛肉汤).,
  • Average price per person: 35 yuan
  • Opening hours: Snacks: 6:30---20:30; dDinners: 6:30---19:00; tTakeaway: 7:30---19:00.
  • Address: 32 Yunnan North Road, Gulou District (鼓楼区云南北路32号)
  • Tel: 025-83286388, 025-83286387
  • Transportation: Take bus 26 or 56, and get off at Yunnan Beilu (Yunnan North Road/云南北路).

Hanfuxing Restaurant

Hanfuxing Restaurant, an old Muslim restaurant, is famous for its boiled salted duck, vacuum-packed boiled salted duck, and other duck dishes.

Hanfuxing's boiled salted duck enjoy the same reputation as the Quanjude roasted duck in Beijing. The boiled salted ducks. It is are fresh and tender, fatty but not greasy.

The restaurant is clean and bright, creating a relaxed dining atmosphere.

  • Chinese name: 韩复兴 Han Fu Xing
  • Recommended dishes: Ddeep-fried sesame seed cakes in duck fatoil (鸭油烧饼), special-flavored duck gizzards (stomach) (鸭肫), marinated duck tongue (鸭舌), marinated duck wings (鸭翅), duck feet in duck intestines (掌中宝), grilled chicken legs (鸡腿), duck seasoned with brown sauce (酱鸭), beef seasoned with brown sauce, and sesame seed cakes (酱牛肉).
  • Average price per person: 26 yuan
  • Opening hours: 07:30---19:30
  • Address: 110 Hunan Road, Gulou District (鼓楼区湖南路110号)
  • Tel: 025-83326866
  • Transportation: Take bus 3 or 52, and get off at Hunan Lu (Hunan Road/湖南).

Silk Road Xinjiang Restaurant

The restaurant is named afterhas the same name as the Silk Road, which played a significant role in trading between China and other Asian countries during ancient times. As its name implies, the restaurant primarily offers the tastey and fragrance oft food with Xinjiang special cuisine.

The restaurant is decorated in Xinjiang style, withas is shown by the pictures of Xinjiang scenery pictures and hanging folk music that bring transports you to the western region. With its unique ethnic decoration, the restaurant provides a nice, great, and quiete environment for guests.

  • Chinese name: 丝绸之路新疆餐厅 Sichou Zhilu Xinjiang Canting
  • Recommended dishes: Mmutton kebab (羊肉串), Xinjiang-style braised chicken (大盘鸡), roasted lamb chops (烤羊排), grilled buns (烤包子), stir-fried noodle pieces (丁丁炒面), Xinjiang rice (手抓饭), yogurt (酸奶), Xinjiang-style braised lamb chops with nNaan -bread (馕包肉), and milk tea (奶茶).
  • Average price per person: 43 yuan
  • Address: 260 Guangzhou Road, Gulou District (鼓楼区广州路260号)
  • Tel: 025-83705680
  • Transportation: Take bus 3, 6, 78, 132, 152, 303, or 318, and get off at Guangzhou Lu (Guangzhou Road/广州路).
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