Daming Mountain

Daming Mountain

By Kelly PangUpdated Mar. 18, 2021

As the highest mountain in south-central Guangxi, the Daming Mountain has an average attitude of 1200 meters. Its main peak, Longtou Mountain, is the highest in south-middle Guangxi, at an altitude of 1764 meters. As a first-class natural reserve in Guangxi, the scenic spot was also enlisted in the international protection network by the Human and Biosphere National Committee. Daming Mountain has high mountains, steep cliffs and slopes, deep valleys, lush forests and crossing streams. With 16 °C as the average temperature during the year, the temperature in the upper mountain is 8-10 °C lower than that at the foot of the mountain, influenced by south Asian tropical winds and local topography.

Daming Mountain has different sights in different seasons: in the spring, flowers are in full blossom and in various colors; in the summer, surrounded by mist and clouds, the waterfall is a wonder; in the autumn, the leaves on the entire mountain are as red as fire; and in the winter, the mountain is covered by white snow. All of these terrific landscapes earned fame for “Guangxi's Lu Mountain”. The main sightseeing spots are the fantastic peaks and secluded valleys, with Gannan Valley as the most magnificent sight, full of mist and clouds and steep stiffs at both sides; the high mountain and grass lands, and on the top of the mountain are six grass lands surrounded by trees where only grass grows. There are four famous sights in Daming Mountain, namely the mist in the spring, the waterfall in the summer, the clouds in the autumn and the snow in the winter.

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How to Get There?

Taking three or four hours by coach, visitors can choose from the following ways: (1)take the 9:00 a.m. tourist bus to Daming Mountain at the Small Golden Mountain Plaza, which faces Zhaoyang Plaza at Mid Zhaoyang road. This trip takes three hours at a cost of 30 yuan and visitors can take the returning bus at the gate of the scenic area at 15:00-16:00; (2)take the tourist bus to Daming Mountain in front of Minzu Shopping Mall (No.75, east Renmin road) at 9:00 or 15:00; (3)take a coach to Mashan, Dahua or Du’an from Anji passenger station and get off at Damingshan crossing.

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