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Guangxi Provincial Museum

Founded in 1954, Guangxi Museum now has an area of 12,900sq.m with a display building built in 1978. The building is symmetrical and stately, with chiseled features and elegance appearance and in southern architectural style and national form.

What to see in the museum

In the museum, there is Guangxi Ancient Bronze Drum Exposition. As the precious heritage of the minority groups in southern China, the bronze drums are the real data for researching on the ancient society, politic, economy and culture in the south. Among 610 bronze drums found and collected in Guangxi, 334 can be seen in Guangxi Museum which owns the largest number for bronze drums in relatively integrated types. Besides collecting the biggest bronze drum in the world, it also contains the source data of 1388 bronze drums preserved in the country. 

And its Guangxi National Folkway Exposition introduces 11 minorities' national folkways, including Zhuang, Yao, Miao, Tong, Dong, Maonan, Mulao, Hui, Jing, Yi, Shui and Yilun, and focuses on showing the physical objects, photos and models of the national characterized clothes, brocade, batik, architecture and some important festivals. In addition, in the museum, there are other shows like Guangxi Historic Relic Display and Guangxi Revolutionary Relic Display.