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As the provincial capital of Guanxi, Nanning is a really colorful and bustling world. Prosperous as Nanning is, its evening entertainments are even more diverse, from the cinema, bars, restaurants, shopping street, KTV and so on. However, Yongjiang River flowing across the city seems to function as a tranquillizer to the busy metropolitan world. The natural environment has provided local people with fantastic places to walk and rest in the evening, such as Folk Song Plaza (民歌广场), Chaoyang Plaza and Wuxiang Plaza.

Nanning Saloons

Lechao (Joy Nest) Bar (乐巢酒吧)

  • Location: No.8, Xinghu Bei Yi Li (星湖北一里8号)
  • Tel: 0771-5885518

Joy Nest, the nest of joy, is one of the hottest nightspots in Nanning.

V8 Club

  • Location: No, 16, Jiaoyu Road (教育路16号)
  • Tel: 0771-5303188;0771-5303388

V8 Club is the only one to own billiars, table soccer, and imported dart machine. Jazz music dominates most time in the club and live Jazz performances are frequently available.


Haoshi (Good Time) Night Club

  • Location: No.63 Xintuo Building, Taoyuan Road, Qingxiu District (青秀区桃园路63号信托大厦)
  • Tel: 0771-6512508

Good Time Night Club is one of the oldest clubs in Nanning. It has three floors, the first floor for theme music bar, the second for the high music and the third for disco.


UCC Coffee

  • Location: No. 48 Nanhu Jiubao Yuan, Binghu Road, Qingxiu District (青秀区滨湖路48号南湖聚宝苑)
  • Tel: 0771-5531288

UCC Coffee originates from Taiwan Island. The coffee house located on Binghu Road offers infinitely delectable coffee, as well as delicious western food.