Nanning Vegetarian Restaurants

Nanning Vegetarian Restaurants

By Ruru ZhouUpdated Mar. 18, 2021

Qingxiu District

1.Ailianshuo Vegetarian Restaurant

This is a restaurant with a full-bodied cultural atmosphere. Many of the dishes are named according to the cultural connotations contained in the book "Standards for Students", a classic Chinese book that teaches students the standards for their daily behavior; the standards also apply to other kinds of people. Moreover, the services there are also based on the book. All in all, the restaurant hopes that it can guide the mass according to the book. Besides, you may have a chance to get discount coupons there and the service speed is also pretty fast.

2. Tiandirenhe Club House

The restaurant is located beside the South Lake, a naturally fine view in Nanning. With an elegant environment, the restaurant also provides tasty dishes which are usually affordable and have sufficient amounts. There is no menu in the restaurant; the styles of the dishes and the food portions are all decided by the boss according to the numbers of the consumers and their requirements. But you can be rest assured that the boss will be able to satisfy you. And if you state that it’s the first time for you to dine there, the boss will arrange the most popular dishes for you. Also, if you declare that you don’t like dishes which imitate meat or fish, they will arrange dishes to suit your requirements. In addition, ordering in advance is suggested.

3. Shiyuan Vegetarian Restaurant

All the dishes are made from fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, as well as some fungi such as dried mushrooms, tremellas, lotus seeds and agarics. The serving speed may be a bit slow because all of the dishes are made by hand. Besides, it pays a lot of attention to freshness, healthiness and a balanced nutrition. Unlike traditional vegetarian "duck" or "fish", which are usually fried, the vegetarian food there is much more delicate and mild.

Xingning District

Chinese Vegetable Diet Restaurant

Vegetarian food, health and environmental protection being the main themes, the restaurant provides purely vegetarian dishes without smoke, alcohol, meat, egg or milk. Non-colza oil is used as the cooking oil there. Besides, the environment is elegant, peaceful and pleasant. In addition, you can enjoy the warm treatment of the servers, who are well trained and will make you feel warm and at ease.

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