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Beijing–Nanning High-Speed Railway Is NOW OPEN

Updated: September 26, 2014 | Clicks: 141

The Beijing–Nanning High-Speed Railway (HSR) officially began operation on September 25, 2014. The high-speed rail line links two of China's most popular tourism route cities.

(Beijing needs no introduction as an important tourist city. Nanning, capital of Guangxi region in southernmost mainland China, is typically visited by tourists on the way between Guilin and Kunming, rather than in its own right.)

Daily Beijing–Nanning HSR Services

G422: Nanning 07:45 – 21:09 Beijing West (13 h 24 m)

G421: Beijing West 09:05 – 22:37 Nanning (13 h 32 m)

Ticket Prices

  • Business class seat: 2,864 yuan ($470)
  • First-class seat: 1,383 yuan ($227)
  • Second-class seat: 918 yuan ($150)

More Convenience for North–South Travel

The opening of the Beijing–Nanning HSR makes travel between the north and south of China more convenient. The travel time between Beijing and Nanning has been halved from 27 hours to 13½ hours, and for the first time “half-day” north–south China travel by land is possible.

On the same day, Nanning–Shijiazhuang HSR and Nanning–Wuhan HSR services also officially started operation. Shijiazhuang is an important railway junction city for other destinations in Henan Province, like ancient Luoyang and the Shaolin Temple. Wuhan, a large city on the Yangtze, is famous for its history and Yellow Crane Tower.

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