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Ningbo Lard Dumpling

It tops the snacks of the Yangtze River Delta. It has clean soup with a delicious taste. You can enjoy the snack in “Gangyagou Sweetmeet Store” on the Kaiming Street of Ningbo City.

Steamed Buns with Fresh Meat in a Small Steamer

It has thin and soft husk, many fillings and sufficient gravy. It tastes fresh, fragrant and delicious, glossy but not greasy. Tourists are strongly recommended to take it when in Ningbo. There are such small stores on the streets of Ningbo City.

Delicately Made Preserved Szechuan Pickle

It is crisp and tender with bright colors. It has unique fragrance with moderate saltiness and spice after being processed. It tastes fresh and refreshing. In the area of Yuyao and Zhenhai, the best ones are “Meifu” brand of Yuyao and “Tongqianqiao” and “Cloud” brands of Zhenhai.

Xikou Multi-layered Cake

It is square with 27 clear-cut layers inside. It is golden with green color. It is fragrant and crisp, salty amid sweetness, and fresh with a unique flavor. It has a history of more than 100 years.

Rice Cake

Its main ingredients are high quality late glutinous rice. It is as white as jade, soft, smooth and glutinous. It will not become paste after being boiled for a long time or tastes sticky when in the mouth.

Dried Bamboo Shoot in the Shape of Goat Tail

It is one of the three famous local specialties in Fenghua. Its flesh is white with yellow and tastes fresh and delicious. It is nutritious and has the effects of relieving summer heat and stimulating the appetite.