Ningbo Muslim Restaurants

Ningbo Muslim Restaurants

By LingUpdated Mar. 18, 2021

Haishu District

Adaxi Xinjiang-style Restaurant

Adaxi Xinjiang-style Restaurant is well-known for its authentically tasty Muslim-style dishes and snacks. The roasted lamb chop dish is highly recommended because it's roasted with cumin or chili peppers and is fresh, crispy and tender. The restaurant shows Xinjiang folk culture and people's hospitality through its unique Xinjiang-style decorations, its name 'Adaxi' which means 'friend' in Uyghur, and a good and considerate service.

Lebanese Restaurant

Lebanese Restaurant, a Muslim-style restaurant, is popular with travelers (especially those from Arabian countries and regions) for its delicious Arabian-flavored dishes and other Western-style halal food. The great dishes served here have fine colors and flavors, and are available at cheap prices. The restaurant unfolds its Arabian culture and customs through its Arabian-style decorations including vaulting, Lebanese paintings, other special exotic ornaments, and waitresses who veil their faces. The elegant restaurant creates a nice dining ambience by providing a good service.

Dong Yi Shun Restaurant

Dong Yi Shun Restaurant, a popular Muslim restaurant, stands out for its delicious Muslim-style cuisines and snacks. The north-western style Muslim dishes and snacks here are amazing. The restaurant is decorated simply but it looks elegant and comfortable because of its soft lights and neat sofa chairs. The pot plants hanging from the ceiling enhance the natural look of the restaurant. In addition to its tasty dishes and decorations, the good service is another attraction of the restaurant.

Dong Yi Shun Restaurant Fuqiao Street Branch 东伊顺府桥街店

Dong Yi Shun Restaurant Xianxue Street Branch 东伊顺县学街店

Dong Yi Shun Restaurant Lingqiao Street Branch 东伊顺灵桥街店

Yinzhou District

Tengger Restaurant

Tengger Restaurant is a Muslim restaurant that primarily serves north-western style halal dishes. The restaurant is decorated in yellow and red, as is shown by its vividly painted yellow wall, and red chairs and shades. The sheep's head shaped wooden carving shows the western region feature and the popular dishes of the restaurant. In addition to its tasty dishes and elaborate decorations, the restaurant is also popular for its warm and excellent service.

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